The Truth

“If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success” – Will Smith

So I’ve been thinking lately about the past few weeks and what they have meant to me, to us (including Bobby and BS).  And I must say that it’s been interesting for me to realize those who really matter and those who really deserve a spot in our lives.  I’ve waited for many, many years to get where I am right now…married, pregnant and finally an RN.  Nothing means more to us than the friends and family by our side, encouraging us, happy for us, and concerned about us.  Since the day that I found out I was pregnant, I have realized those who matter, those who are jealous and those who are supportive and those who are REALLY TRULY happy for us.  Also, these changes my body is going through is not a joke people.  Those of you mom’s out there, know this.  And I appreciate how much you reassure me that what I’m feeling is “normal”.  I wouldn’t make any of this up; I would never “milk” this pregnancy or claim to be going through anything I’m not. And for friends or family to think this thought, just hurts my heart.  Sometimes in life, you need to go through chapters such as this we are going through in order to weed out the people who bring you down.  I’m very proud of where Bobby and I are today (we’ve worked hard!) and what we’ve accomplished together.  Sometimes it’s just nice to know and to hear from those closest to us tell us that they are happy for us too.  So I want to take this post to thank those who REALLY care.  Those who’ve taken the time to help us with the move, those who have called me to see how I am doing, and those who ask me how I’m feeling and those who really, truly show they are happy for us.   I’m grateful for a mother who is happy for me and proud of me (and tells me so very often), who is my very best friend and going to be the best grandmother to BS.  I’m grateful she’d never “disown” me or throw me out of her life, ever.  I’m grateful for friends that I keep in contact with via email and text from back home who actually really are interested in my life as I am theirs.  I’m grateful for my sister, my best friend, whom I miss so so much.  I’m grateful for my sister-in-law, Jennifer, to whom I go to for just about everything and anything pregnancy.  She is my go-to-gal, my motherly type role model and the person I go to for all my crazy questions, my worries and concerns.  I admire her strength and she is a wonderful mother.  I’m pretty sure most of my text messages are conversations between her and I.  I’m grateful for my best friend, Julia, although states away, still contacts me almost daily via text to see how I am doing.  She’s always so thoughtful and thinking about me and always reminding me how much she loves me and cares for me.  She is my other half in another state and I miss her dearly, every single day.  Bobby and I are very lucky and blessed for those we have in our lives and we are also content with realizing who isn’t worth our time either.  With that being said, I will move on now, and realize that everything happens for a reason and if that person isn’t going to be happy for us, don’t expect us to be present in your life.  Now is the time where we need family and friends, support and happiness, prayers and love.

11 thoughts on “The Truth

  1. I love you both so much. I am NEVER too busy. EVER! I don’t care if its 3am. Yes I agree that things happen for a reason. I know it’s hard to stay positive when you are faced with that kind of news but you are a strong couple of good lookin’ people (as I always say). 😉 You are doing everything right and you both are doing your best. I will say a prayer of course. I love you guys.

    1. We love you too so so much. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I promise to tell you everything right away from here on out. 😉 xoxo

  2. I am with Pam …. Baby S is going to have the BEST PARENTS EVER! Ya’ll are always in my prayers. You and Bobby are very strong. But as i say always stay strong… I cant wait to see more pics of ur prego self and then finally Baby S. many xoxo’s and prayers love ya’ll

    1. Ruby! I love you girl. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read about what’s been going on with me. I hope you’re doing well. I haven’t seen you much on IG.

      1. ur welcome hun I might not always text u or anything but when I see ur post on IG I always smile when I know ur doing well And I’m extremely happy for y’all. I do think about u always know that. I also enjoy reading ur post and now this blog u have. Yea I haven’t been on much lately busy with work and now school again and working out and just being a mom lol oh and we r also expecting I’m 14 weeks no one really knows we have been keeping to ourselves lol for now certain ppl know that mean the most us. we are due on 11 March yes 3 mths before we travel to AK lol miss u girlie lots of xoxi

      2. Oh my gosh! I just texted you. LOL! I’m dying over here. I KNEW something was up with you girl. I felt it. I am so happy for you guys. This is great news. I hope you’re prepared for it. lol I knew you’d get preggo again, I just knew it. Well, now I have yet another friend to talk to about pregnancy…yay! We’ve gotta catch up soon. Love you girl. Congrats to you both xoxo!

  3. ❤ Is all that comes to mind 🙂 Baby sock is going to have the best parents in the world!!! You and Bobby have real love and that is so hard to find! My heart melts for this precious little life. I wish you a very safe and happy pregnancy.
    Ps. When your belly grows bigger and it gets itchy, don’t ever scratch it- rub on it instead 🙂

    1. I heard scratching causes stretch marks. I’ve already got a few of them on my breasts from my fat girl days lol so I know exactly how my body is going to handle this pregnancy. I don’t care though, it’s totally worth it. I’ll have many many more too. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. They mean so so much. Love ya. xoxo

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