11 Weeks Pregnant

11 Weeks 5

My silly husband made me laugh very hard in this picture.  I picked this one out of the several he took because he always tells me that he likes the “natural” smile I have when I laugh, so posted this one for him.

How far along: 11 weeks. Time is flying!

How big is baby: The size of a lime!

Total weight gain: Up about 2 lbs since week 4.

Maternity Clothes: Nothing yet, I did buy some “small” scrubs this week for my new job.  There is plenty of grow room in them and they also have a drawstring.

Sleep:  A lot better as I’m approaching the second trimester.  Instead of getting up every hour, it’s now every 3-4 hours.  I slept great over the weekend and only woke up once.  I haven’t experienced that in over 12 weeks.

Best moment of the week:  I got a job!

Food Cravings: A lot less “junk” food cravings with the exception of the craving this week. I was craving chips and french onion dip.  And I killed an entire bag of Lay’s potato chips.  Oopsey.  I’m sure I’ll add it to my food aversions list next week, as I usually cringe at the thought of eating something I was diggin’ the week before.  At night I notice that if I have a little bit of Breyers natural strawberry ice cream, it helps my stomach and calms down the gas.  Oh, and I’ve really craved soda…but I’ve settled for Zevia (sugar-free, caffeine free).

Food Aversions: Still whatever I was craving last week (broken record here).

Symptoms:  My face is still AWFUL!  Sometimes I don’t even want to leave the house. Well, most of the time, in fact.  I also have sensitive bleeding gums (which I’ve never had).  I’ve always been a good floss-er and I have always brushed my teeth a lot.  However, I’ve read that this is common with pregnancy.  Oh, and the constipation. I’m just going to put it to the fact that I have celiac disease.  My GI system is never going to be happy during this pregnancy but I’ve learned that fiber gummies are my best friend (as long as I take 3 times the recommended daily intake).

Mood:  Happy, content and calm.  No emotional roller-coaster like most women.  But it does take a lot for me to cry anyway.  I’m a pretty tough cookie.

Movement: None yet.  I’m hoping to be one of those exceptions that can feel the babe early on.  I’m starting to feel more and more like it’s a boy.

What I’m looking forward to:  The weather to cool down for longer than two days (there is cold front coming this weekend, yay!) and hearing the babes heartbeat in just a few days.

What I miss: My muscles, my tan and my face being clear.

3 thoughts on “11 Weeks Pregnant

    1. You are so sweet, Lauren. It may take me some time to do this post like you did. haha Thank you for thinking about me. In fact, your blog is my absolute favorite out of all of my “follows” 🙂 I hope you and baby are doing well. xoxo Oh yeah, your post encouraged me to get the same diaper bag as you. My mom bought it for me. All I did was tell her that the bag I have been eying for months is on sale on Amazon. It took her less than a minute to go and buy it for me. So thanks girl! haha, I can’t wait to get it. It’s so cute!

      1. No pressure to repost at all! Do it if you feel like it at some point 🙂 I’m so excited to have matching diaper bags. It is so adorable 🙂 I am a bit jealous that your mom bought it for you though. Lol. It was totally worth the money either way!

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