Pregnancy Update!

I know ya’ll been waiting for my infamous weekly bump dates, but let me just tell you that this pregnancy has been awful! I have been so sick to the point of just trying to make it to the next day. And just realized that I’m almost 16 weeks now. Incredible.

A lot has happened. We did a Sneak Peak test which showed us the gender. We did a mini at home reveal, which was fun and then the genetic tests about a month later came back with confirmation of that gender:

IT’S A BOY!!!!!

No we have not picked a name. Yes, we have options written out. It’s tough. Do we go with another “J” or go with what I really love? Naming a baby is tough!

I’m hoping for a turn around in how I’m feeling. I’m tired of being sick and haven’t been taking this pregnancy well both physically and mentally. I barely feel pregnant besides being super sick and constipation like NO OTHER that leads to all other symptoms. Taking Zofran every single day leads to more and more problems but it’s been impossible to survive without it. Home Health, IV fluids, a Zofran subq pump…all things discussed but I’ve managed to pull through to  today.

I am now in the second trimester and really hoping for a break. I will update all the things more later. Right now, I just wanted to give ya’ll an update and let you know we are still here.

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