And HIS Name is…

There are so many reasons why we ultimately decided on this name. Really, it was my choosing (lets be honest). Yet, it took my husband a really long time to agree (just like he did with the girls). But once Josie and I just started calling him “William” the past few days, he finally accepted without hesitation so I think he was really just messing with me the past few weeks when I was hassling him about helping me decide on a name. While FaceTiming him last night, (and Josie hugging my belly and calling him William), I gave him the look and said “well?” and he said “well, she’s the boss!” And that was that. He has a name! William Robert-Thomas Sock.

I have not been the best at tracking this pregnancy with photos and updates. Life is SO busy ya’ll. My girls keep me busy and this house and I hate to say it but this pregnancy has been the worst! I’ve been real sick. The first 16 weeks of nausea and vomiting daily, then bleeding and cramping (everything was okay!) then I had a horrible respiratory chest cold for a month (during Christmas), and then my girls…my girls are constantly sick. And now, here I am at 26 weeks pregnant and feeling like I swallowed a basketball. It’s flying by! It is such a weird pregnancy compared to my girls. My girls were almost identical pregnancies, except Juliette didn’t destroy my face with horrible cystic acne like Josie did. With this boy, I’m ALL belly. People used to tell me that with the girls but no…this is for real this time around. I have had no weight gain anywhere else. No water weight…no swelling. Just a ball in my stomach. I gained only 10 lbs. so far. Which for me, is nothing. So starting at 110lbs. and now being only 120lbs, it’s very odd! I gained 65lbs with both girls. If you look back at other blog posts, I was HUGE! Some would argue that, but I really was. And even my husband can tell you…”you were huge, babe.” Haha! …but in a good way!

So let me tell you the meaning and why. My husbands name is Robert William Sock. I wanted a “J” name but we could not agree on the two that were decent. There aren’t many to choose from. Too many common names right now. So to look outside of “J” was good. I still held on to my “old fashioned” name I so badly wanted. I wanted something classy and older like Josephine and Juliette were. We both never really wanted a Robert the second, etc. We always laughed at that and thought it was silly. Thank goodness my husband isn’t into that. But then of course I came across William. To me, it has SO many meanings. He wanted to throw in Thomas (for his dad) and I had a hard time accepting that with the history I have with his dad. But it’s HIS dad. After all, if I still had my dad in my life, I would have named my son with “James” as the middle name. Because James is a great name and goes with everything. Ever since I was pregnant with Josie, I always had my boy named picked out; but as life would have it, things changed. My dad and I do not speak anymore. He is not dead, he’s just not in my life. He doesn’t know Josie or Juliette at all and will never know this boy. It’s heart breaking but God has led me to a path of forgiveness and peace. REAL PEACE! It took a lot of time and REAL forgiveness in my heart, but I have reached a good place of contentment. My heart holds no bitterness or anger anymore. Sometimes, I often ask “why aren’t we talking anymore?”. I often forget the real reason why and if it was really worth it. It was seriously THAT stupid. It taught me a lot about unconditional love and our God, unlike our Earthy Father, will never leave me or forsake me for He loves me because He created me. Anyway. This post isn’t about my dad. This is about our son coming into the world in less than 4 months!

So instead of Robert, I loved William Robert (switching around my husbands name). Because he’s still named after his daddy but William also has much more meaning to ME than just a random “J” name. First, William is Bobby’s middle name. Second, my uncle’s name is William (my moms brother). And he is the only family member in my life who has forgiven me for nonsense and shown actual unconditional love throughout all that’s been said and done. Because that is what family does! And he loves Josie and Juliette so much, which means the world to me. He has also come to visit us in Texas on Christmas and gave our girls a Christmas full of FAMILY memories (that they still talk about) and he sends me surprise packages in the mail of my favorite BBQ chips from Michigan (haha!). He’s important to us! And William just happened to be an old fashioned name and is seems to be the perfect fit!

So I compromised. I added “Thomas” at the end of Robert so his middle name will be “Robert-Thomas”.

When William gets older he will have many options for what HE wants to named or called. As for me, I will be calling him William Robert.

What does the name William mean?

William originates from two German words; willeo which, means will and determination. The second word being helm, meaning protection and helmet. … Many of the English boys were given some form of William the Conqueror’s name, when he became the first Norman King of England.” (Google)

He will be our little protector. I have a good feeling that when we are old and gray, he will be the one that takes care of us.

Having a little boy, completes our family. We are so excited to meet him this Spring 2020 and be a family of FIVE!

And the girls…well, Josie is way too excited. Juliette, is still a little young to really know.

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