15 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  15 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a large navel orange.

Weight gain: Not sure.

Stretch marks: Not yet.

Gender: I keep dreaming that it is a girl and have said “she” several times.

Nursery: I’ll be excited about this after we find out the gender and when we move.

Maternity clothes: Still wearing anything that is comfortable.

Sleep: It has been better. I just feel gas and can’t eat too late or I feel really uncomfortable. I noticed this week that when sleeping on my back my entire body starts to go numb (lack of blood flow) so I need to really stop accidentally rolling onto my back because it’s putting pressure on my SVC and causing the blood to not flow well through my body or to the baby. I’m trying to stay on my left side but I can’t help the way I move at night.

Best moment the week: Josie turned 2! My mom came to visit for a night for Josie’s birthday. And she made it out of the ICU healthy and happy. (A different post, another time).

Food cravings: Chicken pot pie, cottage cheese, cheese, ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit.

Food aversions:  I still can’t stand the smell of Josie’s quinoa burgers.

Symptoms: Face is getting much worse, dreams are vivid and always sex dreams of my husband. Sorry, TMI, but I guess I just miss him. I am peeing a lot at night, about every two hours. Bloated after everything I eat.

Mood: Happy that my mom is here and grateful to be Josie’s mommy.

Movement: Still feeling flutters and lots of gas.

What I’m looking forward to: Bobby coming home next week, going and riding our new bikes, going to the gender ultrasound (we haven’t decided if we want to tell everyone yet so please don’t bug us.)

What I miss: Energy to get the housework done. Laundry is piling up on the leather couch.

15 Weeks

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