OIT: Day 2 (The First Updose)

2.5ml of egg and 2.5ml of dairy went smooth as ever.

Today, we up dosed to 3ml and she passed with flying colors! Way to go, Josie!

Stay strong, beautiful! You are doing amazing things! We are so proud of you.


Father’s Day – 2018

Another Father’s Day. Another Birthday. Why do I feel like these years are flying by us?

Bobby was gone for Father’s Day (working) so we made it extra special for him when he returned home.

I got the girls and I all dressed up and took some nice family photos (very quickly with his camera, haha!) and Josie painted him a cute picture frame and put a picture of herself in it holding her and Juliettes handprints into a heart. So precious and thoughtful.

I spoiled him with new sunglasses and an Apple Watch.

We all just spent the evening together and listened to the music that brought us together. It was a very nice evening.

Happy Birthday and Father’s Day Daddy!