First Love


I had this in the “About” section, but I decided to post a blog about it and write a little more background about “us” in the About section.  Enjoy.

We have all had that kind of love.  Your first love.  The love that no other after has come close to comparing to; a love so pure and simple and uncomplicated.  Taking you back to a blissful time when we were swept off of your feet simply with a look in the eyes, two arms around the waist, kisses on the cheek, nibbling on the ears and the breathing on the neck.  It was the stolen kisses, the holding of hands, the “are you two going out?” and the innocent “I love you’s”. The connection was almost surreal; no insecurities or questions.  Things just came naturally and it was almost like magic.  Little did we know that we would never be the same.

Years later, since that first love, we inadvertently compared every new relationship; yet nothing seemed to quite measure up.  Sure we had loved again since, but it had never been the same.  It was a “different” kind of love.  It was a “never enough” kind of love.  It was a “I’ll give just a little bit, but not all of me” sort of love.

I married my childhood sweetheart and my absolute best friend.  We were best friends since we were only 11 and 12-years-old.  Yes, I am a year older.  We grew up together, as neighbors; and developed a friendship, a bond and companionship that took years to build and only got stronger with time.  It was just so simple to be ourselves together.  We had our ups and downs, our spurts of anger and resentment towards one another.  We were growing up and at some points, growing apart.  And even though we took a long five years apart, to experience life lessons and relationships on our own terms, we knew that we were soul mates, destined to be together, forever.  What we had was real, one of a kind and rare.  And it was only a matter of time until we found the path back to each other again.

He makes my heart smile.  Even after years of loving him I still get those first love feelings.  Like the childhood butterflies deep in your tummy and the tingling in your fingers and toes. The memories have never disappeared.  We still laugh about how far we have come and the trouble we got ourselves into when we were kids.  We certainly have something special.  And even 15-years later, I still have yet to feel those first love feelings with anyone else, except my Bobby.  My “Umbro-Bumbo”, my first love, my only love, my soul mate, and my best friend.  And now the father-to-be of our unborn child.  Forever and always you will have my heart.  I am forever grateful for our love and blessed beyond words to be your wife, your Stash, your Stachel.  You complete me and that’s that.  We’ve got a Groovy Kind of Love.

…”I’m gonna love you, like no one’s loved you, come rain or come shine.”

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