Dear BS

The weather has been nice lately.  Breezy, cooler and Fall-like.  It makes us miss home.  It makes us miss Michigan.  I hope one day we can move to a state, a city or an area where you can experience all four seasons like we did growing up. Halloween is not the same unless there is that crisp feeling in the air and the leaves are changing colors. Christmas is just not Christmas without snow. I have a hard time setting out my “Let It Snow” decorations in 65-degree weather.  But the good thing about Texas is that it gets a little bit cooler here than it does in Florida.  But if you ask us where we’d rather be, we’d say Florida a million times over.

ImageThis is my favorite Fall photo of your Dad and I at Dexter Cider Mill in Dexter, Michigan (Fall, 2007)

When your dad and I were kids, we would cause a lot of trouble.  I hate to admit this, but it was a lot of fun.  Although, we weren’t terribly bad, we made fun out of the silliest things.  We loved to play hide-and-seek-tag outside during the beginning of the fall.  We would get our friends together and we’d play in groups. Boys against girls.  Your dad and I were the best of friends.  We acted more like brother and sister around this time; we were inseparable and absolutely always together.  We would ride our bikes together everywhere, or I’d just hop on the back of his bike and let him do the driving.  We always loved the first snowfall the most.  We prayed for that snow day at school and sat by the TV the next morning just waiting for the word.  We couldn’t wait to hear the snowplows coming through our park. They would plow the snow and build big piles of snow at the corner of the streets.  We had our favorite spots where we would spend hours and days digging holes, igloos and forts out of the snow and ice.  We would get our sleds and push each other down over and over again.  We would make big huge snowballs and barricade the streets so cars couldn’t drive through, as we sat behind houses and laughed until our stomachs hurt. The memories are endless.

I once had a “book” I made when I was younger, of your Dad and I and all the memories we had.  I built to it year-by-year to the point that it reached almost a foot thick!  It was full of photos throughout the years, notes we wrote to each other and memories of movie ticket stubs, flowers he gave me and calling cards he would give me when I would go away camping for weeks at a time.  One terrible day, I burned it.  Shocking, I know.  And VERY stupid.  But, I found this photo, deep in a year book and I am so grateful I have this photo, it really reminds me of the abundance of memories he and I shared.  But most importantly, I have the best gift ever, him as my husband.  And a lifetime of memories.  This photo was taken at my house in 1995, we were playing blind-mans-bluff. 

My 8th Grade Graduation (1998).  He took me there on his bike.  What a gentleman!  

Anyway, I can reminisce forever. Nonetheless, I hope that we can give you the opportunity to experience the four beautiful seasons that Michigan so kindly let us.  Spring smells beautiful with the fresh cut grass. Summer is warm and comfortable and full of memories.  Fall is cool and absolutely beautiful in every possible way.  And Winter is sorta magical and quiet, cold and what you make of it.

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