30 Days of Thanks: Day 3


Today I am thankful for my career.  And I say career because I honestly truly love it.  I love being a nurse.  And I would like to say it is something I am good at as well.  I love to truly be “there” for my patients.  Not just go in the room, give the meds, show no eye contact and walk out (in a hurry to sit at a computer and document).  I really like to take the time to listen to my patients.  I enjoy talking to just about anyone and have no problem starting a conversation or making the most uncomfortable patient, feel comfortable.  I love doing it all.  From giving meds, doing assessments, figuring things out, using my critical thinking skills to creating a patient/nurse relationship, providing empathy and allowing that patient to open up and feel comfortable.  Not to mention I work for the best hospital in Houston. In fact, I work the best number one hospital in Texas.  I feel so honored to be there and work there and to have the opportunity to build my nursing career there.  They offer so many opportunities for their employees and the pay is beyond what I ever expected.  (It will cost us no more than a total of $500 to bring little BS into the world.)  But honestly, the true gratification comes from being able to provide safe patient care to my patients.  And having them shake my hand or say thank you at the end of the day (especially when you first approach them in the morning and they want nothing to do with anything hospital related, but your influence made them so appreciative).  Because no matter who you work with, what you have to deal with on a day-to-day basis or what your title is, at the end of the day all that matters is that my patients are taken care of and given the best possible care I could possibly give.  And not let little outside things influence that in anyway.  It is all about them, not me.  I will say it again, I am thankful to be a nurse.  I wouldn’t trade it for any other career choice.  And I would recommend it to anyone who has a big heart and a knack for learning.  It is truly a rewarding career.

“Give to my heart, Oh Lord…Compassion and understanding.  Give to my hands skill and tenderness.  Give to my ears the ability to listen.  Give to my lips words of comfort.  Give to me, Lord…Strength for this selfless service.  And enable me to give hope to those I am called to serve – Amen”

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