23 Weeks Pregnant

23 Weeks Pregnant

How far along: 23 Weeks.

How big is baby: About the size of a large mango.

Total weight gain: 20lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Yes

Sleep: Sleep has been good.  I keep wanting to sleep on my back but then wake up feeling like I’m suffocating because the blood isn’t getting to my brain so I have to turn on my left side again.

Best moment of the week:  We bought a bunch of baby stuff!  We got our stroller, some rugs for her room, a few toys and lots of clothes for when she gets a little bigger (12+ months old).

Food Cravings:  Not craving anything.  But I am always hungry!

Food Aversions: Nothing. If I didn’t have celiac disease, I’d probably eat just about anything you gave me.

Symptoms:  I still have this annoying rash.  It’s calling Prickly Heat Rash.  It’s awful but mainly irritating when I get hot, hold my laptop on my lap or sleep with lots of layers.  I had to call my doctor to get a steroid cream because I’m breaking open the bumps and causing blisters (yuck!).

Mood: I am loving Nick here, I wish he could stay forever and I love, love, love being pregnant.

Movement: Oh man, she is an active little girl.  She kicks me all the time. Usually it’s about the same time every day.  But the other night she kept me up all night moving around.  She is usually head down but she’s finally moved up a little bit and around to my right side a few times.  She favors my left side.  I listen to her heartbeat every morning and night (and maybe a few times in between).  I know, I’m obsessed.  But I am loving it.  Every day it is something new to love.  I can’t wait to meet her but at the same time I am really loving being pregnant.

What I’m looking forward to:  A 3D/4D ultrasound, my trip to Michigan to see my wonderful family.  And painting her bedroom next weekend! Oh.My.Gosh.

What I miss: Just my family.

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