Our First Carter’s Clothes Binge

A few weeks ago Jennifer told me about Carter’s having this awesome clearance sale with additional 25% off.  Well, no more than a few hours later we were spending a lot of money on what we call the beginning of her wardrobe.  But, I mainly bought sizes 6 months, 12 months (3 pieces) and 18 months (most of it). I only picked out 3 onesies that were 3 months. I bought basically nothing newborn because I knew that everyone will probably buy the cute little small stuff.  At least, that’s what my super smart mommy sister-in-law Jennifer told me.  Here are the things we bought for our little Angel:

Carters 1

Carters 2

Carters 3

Carters 4

Carters 5

Carters 6

5-Pack Bodysuits.jpg

I bought these off our Amazon.com registry.  They are Gerber.  Not made as nicely as Carter’s, but still super cute.  In size 3 months:

5-Pack Onesies

4 thoughts on “Our First Carter’s Clothes Binge

  1. OMG! You really did go all out! So adorable though! I have to admit the finances of the whole situation is starting to hit me. I fear I’m going to have to prioritize my shopping/wish/nursery list. Boo.

    1. Awww Lauren, thanks. You can only do what you can do. I’m sure her nursery will look absolutely beautiful with all your love and hard work put into it. 🙂

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