Nursery Art

Obviously these look much prettier in person and will look much better on the wall once everything is said and done.  But I wanted to give you guys a peak at what I’ve been doing. I got this idea off Pinterest (of course) and I decided to add emblishments to each one and make them unique. I originally planned on just using scrapbook paper for the photo in the frame but ultimately decided to go with a little bit more character for each and every frame. Each measures 5×7 except for two which measure 3×2. I got the frames 50% off at Hobby Lobby. I only painted one pink to mix it up a little bit. I also have other frames with color to add in the collage wall. This wall will go above her double dresser/changing table. The dresser gets delivered on Sunday, January 26th. Unfortunately Bobby will be offshore again on the oil rig so it won’t be assembled until he returns. Once he does, I’ll find a good way to arrange each of these and post an update of the finished wall. It will include these framed artwork, a mirror, a few wall plaques and an actual photo frame with a photo in it. I’m very excited to see this all come together. I put so much thought into how I wanted to add artwork to her room. Although I ordered a few different pieces from Etsy, I still wanted to create something myself. Please, tell me what you think.

Flower 1

Flower 4

Flower 2

Flower 3

Flower 5


Flower 7

Flower 6

I bought this frame from Ikea and made a collage of scrapbook strips with lace roses and burlap ribbon in between. I painted the letters white and glued them on. I love this.

Ikea Frame

This mirror was purchased on clearance from Hobby Lobby.

Here is the BEFORE:

Mirror Before

AFTER I painted it:


I bought these off Amazon:

Here is the BEFORE:

Wall Hooks

AFTER I painted them:

Painted Wall Hooks

We also were able to find this beautiful stand up mirror at Hobby Lobby.  It is very heavy and so beautiful. I love it:

Long Mirror and Hamper

I absolutely love this saying. I always have. And the colors match perfectly. I had to get it to go on the collage wall:

I love you to the moo and back

That’s it for now. Please, tell me your thoughts. Do you like it?

If you want to take a look at my Pinterest here and here to see some ideas of what the wall may look like when it’s complete or just to see the look I’m going for feel free. I pinned a lot of pretty cool stuff.

3 thoughts on “Nursery Art

  1. Beautiful,unique, and so special and personal…u just might b in the wrong career u just might need to start ur own business Decorating !!! U r so good at it !! Wow awesome job mom ! Xo josephine is gonna love her beautiful room and already luvs her mommy and daddy xo

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