A Change Of Name

I need some help guys. With Josephine welcoming us very soon, we’re trying to tie up all the little things here and there-including this blog. So that brings me to the name of our blog. Currently we are “A Pair of Sock’s”. But after she is here, we will no longer be just a pair. I’m struggling to come up with a name, (something catchy) to change our blog name to. When asking Bobby, he says that he likes “A Few Good Sock’s”. As in “A Few Good Men”. I’m not quite sure I’m sold on that one. I can’t seem to come up with a good name with this pregnancy brain I have going on so I’m reaching out to my fellow followers, friends and family to give me some ideas. Obviously, we’re going to continue this blog well into Josie’s milestones and even further into other potential coming little Sock’s. So if y’all feel like it, tell me what you think we should call our blog, I’m all ears.

7 thoughts on “A Change Of Name

  1. What about ‘Josie’s world’?
    You’re getting so close and looking beautiful as ever with your growing belly. Don’t be worried. You’re body was meant to do this!! I used young living essential oils this time around and they helped me tremendously before, during and after birth. I’ve learned a lot about them and am still learning if you want some info.

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