34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Pregnant 2

How far along: 34 Weeks.

How big is baby: 5lbs.+

Total weight gain: 32+ lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. I had to go buy some leggings at Target because my maternity jeans were hurting my belly. Yikes! I don’t want to spend any more money on maternity clothes so my belly needs to just stop it already.

Sleep: The worst. Killer leg pain, hip pain, back pain. And getting up peeing about 10 or more times a night.

Best moment of the week:  Bobby had a very long weekend and we got a lot done around the house. Spring cleaned and cleaned the front lawn. It was good to be outside and get some exercise. Ordered the very last of Josie’s stuff and another dresser for her room.

Food Cravings:  Oranges still.

Food Aversions: Anything greasy.

Symptoms:  Sleep is terrible, acne, back aches, leg pain, blurry eyes, dry eyes, heel pain, and peeing a lot (which I’ve already mentioned).

Mood: Anxious and scared. My worry this week is fear of giving birth to a 10lb. baby. But we’ve started the perineum massages (which totally are not fun, by the way) and they seem to be helping (so far).

Movement: Lots of long kicks and punches, hiccups and jabbing into my ribs (Ouch!).

What I’m looking forward to:  The last US, seeing if I have progressed at all (effacement), Josie’s arrival!

What I miss: Sleep! Exercise. After all this time, I really, really miss it and cannot wait to start again. I already have my plan set.

6 thoughts on “34 Weeks Pregnant

  1. Could you get anymore cuter? I think you look great, so don’t worry about the jeans 🙂 I too, however, can’t wait to really exercise again! I love being active! Out of curiosity, what is your “plan”? I don’t have one yet and would love to hear what you have in mind.
    You are brave to so the perineum massage. I’ve done it a couple of times, but mainly I’ve just been applying essential oils and vitamin e oil. I know this sounds funny, but I couldn’t quite figure out the massage.
    Not only was it uncomfortable, I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. Definitely demotivating 🙂 lol.

    1. Aww thanks Lauren! 🙂

      My plan consists of starting Focus T25.

      I did Insanity every morning at 3:30am before my clinicals all through nursing school on the days that I had clinical and couldn’t make it to the gym to do my normal 2 hour – 2 1/2 hour workout routine which was running and weight lifting. But now since I will have a little one I thought I would just go back to just doing Insanity for a little while again. But as I was searching through finding it, I came across Shaun T’s new plan which is the Focus T25. I figured I could def. do 25 minutes and still have time to shower while Josie sleeps. Anything, really, to get me moving again. But we plan to walk a lot and ride our bikes more this year.

      As for the perineum massage…it’s rough. I’m VERY lucky that my husband is so good at being on top of making sure we do it every night. He’s like “Okay babe, lets go do the vagina.” I know that sounds so awful. But only a pregnant woman can truly understand that he is not meaning that in a nasty dirty man mind way. He truly is so supportive and knows (after reading up on it) how to do it correctly. Trust me, I would not be able to do it myself. There really is just no way. Not only can I not see down there (lol) but to reach down there is hard enough when I’m wiping after the bathroom! haha! But if you’d like I can pass along the websites that we used to help guide us. We’ve done it for 5 days in a row now and I honestly can already tell a difference. I hope this helps me not to tear and a better, easy birth. Fingers crossed. I guess it’s worth trying, right?

      1. I would love the websites! I’m not sure if we will actually do it or not, but I would like to be informed. I’m doing low wide squats with my feet on the ground like my midwife recommended to also stretch that area. We will see…

        Anyway, your workout sounds brave! I’ve struggled with yet intensity of some of those systems as I find myself competitive and stressed . Lol. Probably why I mainly ran and then did light toning. Still I might embark on a Jillian michaels DVD since it is at least a quick workout. I’m wondering if we will have to wait the full six weeks based on bleeding and healing. Even then, I’m very curious what my body will be up for. If nothing else, though, this pregnancy has been teaching me to take it easier and appreciate my body in an entirely new shape! Lol. Can’t wait to share motherhood together.

      2. http://www.pregnancy.org/article/perineal-massage


        After todays appointment, she showed us how it should be done and where to focus. According to these two links it says two inches in. But really, try like 4 or so. It’s painful and uncomfortable but tolerable. And it’s the price you pay to not pay later (tear). haha

        Anyway, I’ll have to try squats…but I feel like I may fall backwards I’m so big. haha! I love JM’s workouts though. She’s one of my favorite fitness peeps. You’re going to let me know how it’s working out for you and I’ll let you know the same. I’m a little scared, I won’t lie. And I think I may let my body rest for 6 weeks before jumping into it. Just because I don’t want to risk anything serious happening, you know? I can honestly say that I’ve never truly appreciated my body either until pregnancy. I was always saying “I’m fat” when I clearly wasn’t and now I realize the true beauty of my body and what it’s capable of doing. Which is pretty amazing things. 🙂 I can’t wait to see all your updates throughout this motherhood and we can share our stories and laughter along the way. Only a few more weeks for you dear, I bet you’re so excited! xoxo 🙂

  2. Oh my darling you look absolutely beautiful. And ready!!! LOL. When I come you will get lots of sleep, because gramma is gonna totally take her over while momma recoups. I love you so much, and cry when I look at you, the most beautiful ever. Man, I sure had some great looking kids. I cannot wait to meet her. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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