Josie Visits Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus

10380890_361744013987454_2815355840481927152_n 10393986_361743927320796_5862383819963106889_n 10426237_361766673985188_5183325227123287050_n 10565034_361744180654104_515567803094499665_n 10653669_361766660651856_6214077273549829785_n 10686779_361743867320802_8886008798214467125_n 10686836_361743787320810_8288517113973393190_n 10849833_361766683985187_447274180728768775_n 10850095_361766637318525_4124107192956001520_n 10850199_361743643987491_3520027097965555307_n 10857814_361743900654132_2916241878802756075_n 10868189_361744103987445_7008311435433177654_n 10868296_361743840654138_5378789218911131321_n 10869550_361745610653961_3193329857233061395_o DSC_8629 DSC_8633 DSC_8635 DSC_8636 DSC_8638 DSC_8640 DSC_8642 DSC_8643 DSC_8648 DSC_8649 DSC_8650 DSC_8655 DSC_8656 DSC_8658 DSC_8659 DSC_8661 DSC_8662 DSC_8664 DSC_8667 DSC_8671 DSC_8672 1488242_361743747320814_8776764268628950940_n

We went to Three Ceders Farm in Northville. It was very nice. I bet it’s really cool to go to during Halloween too. It was an in and out experience but it was so cute to see Josie so happy to see all the excitement inside the barn. She loved it. She’s such a good baby.

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