8 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  8 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a raspberry.

Weight gain: 117 lbs. Whoa! I sense the fast weight gain like I did with Josie.

Stretch marks: Not yet but I feel huge!

Gender: Still feel like it’s a boy.

Nursery: After week 18 I’ll consider thinking about this.

Maternity clothes: I NEED new clothes.

Sleep: Better than pre-pregnancy honestly, which is so so strange.

Best moment the week: Seeing little peanut on the ultrasound again, the heartbeat, hearing GOOD news and of course my Josie started calling me “mommy” instead of “momma”. It’s just so cute how much she’s talking. Oh and she’s starting to crawl around on the floor and meow like a cat. It’s hilarious and super cute!

Food cravings: Chocolate pudding (I finally found some at Whole Foods!), chocolate cake (I baked this last night!), milk (which is something I craved while pregnant with Josie). Before both pregnancies I always drank almond milk in my coffee, now I am starting to not like it too much and want milk instead.

Food aversions:  I think there was something but I can’t remember what it was.

Symptoms: Nausea (got an RX this week), sweet cravings, bloated, out of breath, I can barely walk around or to the park with Josie without feeling faint. Constipation (started taking Colace) and really super tired by 5pm.

Mood: Mood swings and no patience. But it’s not everyday, thank goodness.

Movement: Not much this week.

What I’m looking forward to: Tuesday night when Bobby gets home and possibly my mom coming to visit on Wednesday.

What I miss: My husband.


The circle at the top is the yolk sac. Then baby’s head is at the bottom. HR was 156! Measuring 7w6d at exactly 8w pregnant.

The cyst on my ovary has grown and we hope it doesn’t rupture.

8 Weeks

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