13 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  13 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a peach.

Weight gain: 121 lbs.

Stretch marks: Not yet.

Gender: Still not sure. After last weeks ultrasound, I am thinking it’s a boy.

Nursery: After week 20 I’ll consider thinking about this.

Maternity clothes: I pulled out the maternity jeans.

Sleep: It is horrible. I started sleeping like I did when I was pregnant with Josie. I put a pillow under my belly and one behind my back and elevate my head from the backache and heartburn. My back hurts so bad in the middle of the night and in the morning that it wakes me up and I can hardly sleep. I’ve also been waking up with migraines and getting several almost every day. I had to start taking medication because it’s to the point where I feel like I’m going to throw up. Also, still horrible heart burn and stomach pains when I eat. I think I’ve determined that my prenatal vitamins are causing a lot of it, which is what they did last time I was pregnant around this time of the pregnancy, too.

Best moment the week: We celebrated Josie’s Second Birthday, Easter and went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We took her to the park and relaxed a lot at home. It was nice. I also got my hair done this week. It’s so funny because if you look back to my pregnancy with Josie I got my hair highlighted the same week. It must have something to do with my changing body and me trying to adjust.

Food cravings: Chicken pot pie, peanut butter, cheese.

Food aversions:  Everything that I ate in the beginning of the pregnancy (that I was craving) makes me want to throw up just thinking about.

Symptoms: My back hurts at night, my sleep is terrible, I have migraines, my boobs have started to hurt this week, my face is still bad and not getting better (which I expected), I’m so tired all the time and my stomach really, really popped this week. I was already showing very early but I am definitely showing a lot now.

Mood: Sad Bobby is leaving this week and even more sad that my brother is an asshole and my mom can’t come visit because he’s out of control.

Movement: Still feeling flutters.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting into the 14 week mark.

What I miss: Having energy…I’m so tired.

13 Weeks

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