Easter 2016

20160327_115750_D71_3731 20160327_120549_D71_3736 20160327_120748_D71_3739 20160327_121105_D71_3748 20160327_121353_D71_3758 20160327_121428_D71_3764 20160327_121548_D71_3773 20160327_121859_D71_3776 20160327_121906_D71_3778 20160327_121920_D71_3781 20160327_122050_D71_3783 20160327_122053_D71_3784 20160327_122101_D71_3786 20160327_122122_D71_3788 20160327_122130_D71_3790 20160327_122136_D71_3791 20160327_122138_D71_3792 20160327_122141_D71_3793 20160327_122257_D71_3801 20160327_122303_D71_3802 20160327_122310_D71_3805 20160327_122321_D71_3807 20160327_122325_D71_3809 20160327_122329_D71_3811 20160327_122407_D71_3815 20160327_122423_D71_3818

We hid eggs in the yard and she loved it. Maybe next year we will hide more because it didn’t take her long to find them. We filled them with coins and let her put her coins in her Minnie Mouse bank we bought her.

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