19 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  19 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a heirloom tomato.

Weight: I weigh 128 lbs. I gained 18lbs. total.

Stretch marks: Not yet.

Gender: GIRL!

Nursery: Teal and Pink.

Maternity clothes: Yes, I bought a ton of shorts and tanks this week from Marshall’s because I’m a cheap ass and because they are maternity clothes. I bought Medium shorts and will soon need to buy Large.

Sleep: Probably my biggest complaint. I bought some wedges and they don’t seem to help (pillows on each side worked better) and then a Snoogle, which I think is an absolute joke. $53 pillow that’s supposed to help but I felt like I was curled up on a dog bed. It will be returned. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime.

Best moment the week: Just being able to relax because things have been so crazy busy around this house.

Food cravings: I want fatty foods. I don’t get “hungry” so I can go a while without eating and not notice until I feel like I’m going to pass out and then think “maybe I should eat.” It’s so strange.

Food aversions:  Nothing really that I can think of.

Symptoms: Terrible sleep, my tailbone hurts still, I am still bleeding since I left work last week (but only at night and at the end of the day). I was diagnosed with placenta previa (low lying placenta) I have an appointment next week to see Baby Girl and be examined again for where this blood is coming from. By the end of the night I feel so heavy, cramping and pain in my uterus. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get up from the toilet because it hurts to stand straight. I feel like she is going to fall out of me by the end of the night if I don’t go lay down. I think I finally got over this cold I had going on for 3 weeks straight with some Emergen-C! (Three days in a row). I need naps almost every day.

Mood: Scared about stopping work (what will I do with myself?)

Movement: She is moving around like crazy! Kicking me and I think soon enough Bobby will be able to feel her move.

What I’m looking forward to: The ultrasound for my Level 2 Scan.

What I miss: SLEEP, energy and motivation.

19 Weeks

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