30 Days of Thanks: Day 9


Today, I am thankful for being pregnant.  This baby.  Baby Sock.

Like every challenging and life-changing situation, pregnancy has riled all sorts of interesting things to my consciousness.  From making me finally aware of my previous (ridiculous) body issues, to my stronger-than-ever self-esteem.  My relationship with my parents, to my relationship with food.  And my ever so obsession for exercise that quickly wavered (which I am completely okay with by the way-I thought I’d never say that).

Without a doubt this pregnancy is helping me grow as a person, as a woman and as a future mother.  I love my growing belly and I am embracing the changes-each and every one of them.  I look forward to the next “What to Expect” email, because it is always right on track with me and BS’s growing little body.  They quickly reassure me that what I am feeling is normal and expected.  And that the extreme congestion that I am feeling lately is just the hormones to blame.  I am thankful for how I have made my health a priority before and during this pregnancy to grow the healthiest baby possible. I am also thankful that my body has allowed me to experience this.  And for the good Lord trusting in my husband and I to be parents.  I am thankful for the intense ever growing love I have for my husband.  I honestly never thought I could love him anymore than I already did.  That has changed.  I cannot possibly explain how this pregnancy has created a whole new love for him.  And how I crave his closeness next to me.  While it may be hard to be thankful for things like the constipation, pregnancy acne and afternoon nausea, there are plenty of things about pregnancy to be thankful for.  I could not possibly explain how thankful I am to be 16 weeks pregnant already-carrying a little human, a little Sock.  I just feel so happy and blessed beyond any words.  I am, everyday, thankful for Baby Sock.

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