30 Days of Thanks: Day 18


My brother.  My favorite person in the world.  The single little man who changed the person I was into the person I am. Nothing can express the intense love I have for this little boy.  Although he is growing (way too fast) into such a little man, he will always be my little brother.  I will never forget the mornings he would walk into my bedroom and say “bye Stacy, I love you”.  His hugs and kisses.  His laughs and words that he couldn’t pronounce correctly.  He has brought such a joy to my life.  I will never forget our times together.  Our laughs and how we just have this unbreakable bond that could never be replaced. No matter how far away we are, when I go home, I feel like nothing has changed.  We pick right back up where we left off. And I love that about us.

When he came into this world, I never knew what love was until he graced us with his smile, his laugh and his endless love and affection.  We treated him like a mature little man, not a baby boy.  We raised him into this growing little man with a great big heart full of love and potential.  He’s mature, he’s polite and he’s got a heart of gold.  I am so beyond proud of him.  And as he struggles to find his place in this world as the years go on, I will always be here to provide the love and support he needs.  I will never judge, never criticize.  I just hope to be a role model for him.

So today, I am thankful for you, Nicholas.  You have made life so much more fun.  Much more enjoyable.  You made me want to be a mother myself.  You will never truly know how much I love you and would do anything in this world for you.  I think about you and worry about you every single day and I miss you more than I can describe.  I love you so much little brother.  I am so thankful for you and for our bond. You will always be my most favorite person in this world.


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