A Nursery In Progress-A Sneak Peek

Nursery In Progress 3

Bobby came home from New Orleans today.  He put together her crib that I bought a few days ago.  We went with an entirely different look and different crib as apposed to what I posted in the previous posts.  I just couldn’t seem to make up my mind. But I finally did.  We went with some really beautiful pieces from Pottery Barn Kids/Baby.  I am so excited for it to all come together in the coming weeks and to post all of the progress photos.  For now, here is a peek at the cute lil bunny I bought Baby Girl Sock.  It is so soft, so cuddly and so cute!

This is such an exciting part of our lives right now and we are having so much fun building her future room.  The love and time I put into each and every item I picked should and will come together so beautifully. I get so emotional being in her room putting things in place. I am really looking forward to getting her rocker so I can just sit in there and daydream about her little face.

4 thoughts on “A Nursery In Progress-A Sneak Peek

  1. you and bobby are already wonderful parents …she loves you both so much so can’t wait to meet her give her kisses and give you a big hugs !!! xoxo

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