A Nursery Purchase – Part 1

I’ve been asked a few times what I have bought so far for her nursery.  So I thought the best way would be to post what we have come up with so far.

Etsy Purchases With Numbers

1.) I ordered this from Etsy from this wonderful woman who was so interested in making this mobile out of the colors I’m doing her room in.  I cannot wait to possibly see what she puts together.  I love homemade items. I wish I had the time and the artistic creativity to design something like this (and the other stuff in this photo board).  My sister was the one blessed with the ability to pretty much draw and make anything wonderful. I can imagine what I want in my mind, but would much rather have someone else craft it.

2.) I ordered two of these pillows from Etsy.  They were made to order.  Which means I asked them for a light pink pillow with a rose flower in the color of taupe.  The second pillow I asked for a taupe pillow with a rose flower in the color of light pink. This shop was extremely helpful as well and willing to design whatever color I asked for.  I cannot wait to see the finished product.  This shop also makes #3 and #5 on this photo board.

3.) Ordered off Etsy, I purchased two of these in the color of taupe for her pink curtains (in a photo below).  I cannot wait to see what they look like either.

4.) This shop off Etsy was also willing to design this piece very similar to the photo since it has all the colors I am putting into her nursery.  This will go behind her crib on the wall.  It’s going to be beautiful!

5.) This was ordered just as the photo shows and will hang on a wall all alone by itself.  I cannot wait to see it all come together.

Nursery Purchases 1 With Numbers

1.) Hobby Lobby.  These are metal frames in 2 5×7 and 1 3×3.  I love them so much I think I am going to go back tomorrow to get more.  I plan on painting a few of them different shades of pinks (blush, rose and coral).

2.) Ikea. Bobby and I picked this up last weekend. I thought it was the size of a small trash can but it wasn’t. It will hold little things like binkies. I had to get it because it had a rose and it was ivory.  It was too cute to pass up. And not to mention super cheap!

3.) Hobby Lobby. I found this in the Spring section at Hobby Lobby. It is small, has a rose on it and a vintage antique look just like I was looking for.  I love it.

4.) Ikea. I bought the pink one but it is large like the white one in the photo. It has glass surrounding it. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I thought it was too cute and too cheap to pass up as well. Gotta love Ikea.

5.) Hobby Lobby. I found this little keepsake box and fell in love. It is so pretty! It has roses on the little purse at the top and sparkles around the sides. I will find something to put in this little beauty.

6.) Ikea. This is a photo frame. It can fit a poster size photo. I have yet to find something to put in it but I am looking. Maybe a Rose vintage pattern or a photo of a few bunnies?  I don’t know yet.

Nursery Purchases 2 With Numbers

1.) Bunny security blanket from Wish Baby Registry. They were having this HUGE 60%+ off sale right after Christmas.  All of these items in this board are from that website and were super cheap. I paid $40.00 (12.50 for shipping included in the $40.00) for all this plus two sets of sheets (in the photo below). Not bad.

2.) Care Seat butterfly.

3.) Bunny rattle.

4.) Chicco Talking Key.

5.) Elephant Tactile Toy.

Nursery Purchases 3 With Numbers

1.) Hobby Lobby. Metal wall art.

2.) Hobby Lobby.  Picture frame.

3.) Hobby Lobby. Cream flowers with pink vase.

4.) Hobby Lobby. “Our Favorite Girl” wooden wall art.

5.) Hobby Lobby. Blush roses in pink vase.

Nursery Purchases 4 With Numbers

1.) American Baby jersey sheet in set of two. I just have to say that these are the perfect color pink (although the photo makes them look a little bit on the darker side) and they are super soft. I cannot wait to put them on her crib.

2.) Rose wall decals from our Amazon.com registry.

3.) Ruffled curtains from our Amazon.com registry in pink.

4.) Glenna Jean crib sheet with roses at the bottom from our Amazon.com registry.

5.) Glenna Jean Rose Topiary from our Amazon.com registry.

6.) Vintage style curtain rod from our Amazon.com registry.

Nursery Purchases 5 With Numbers

1.) Vintage Shabby Chic wall hooks from our Amazon.com registry.

2.) Vintage table lamp from our Amazon.com registry.

3.) Piano jewelry box from our Amazon.com registry.

4.) Vintage Shabby Chic light switch plate from our Amazon.com registry.

5.) Pink and white storage baskets from our Amazon.com registry.

Nursery Purchases 6 With Numbers

This is our “we need to paint” photo board.

1.) Hobby Lobby. I found this in the clearance section for $17! I bought two of them. Bobby is going to paint them in an ivory with a distressed vintage look and paint the hooks light pink.

2.) Hobby Lobby. I was so excited to find this in the clearance section as well. Only $49.99.  Bobby is going to paint this as well and it will go above her dresser/changing table. The best part is that the mirror comes out like a photo frame and pops back in when the paint has dried. I’m excited to see how it turns out. It’s either going to be a shade of pink or ivory/cream.

3.) Home Goods. We purchased two of these months ago. I’m going to use it for next to the rocker. I love the color and it will go perfect with the crib.

6 thoughts on “A Nursery Purchase – Part 1

  1. This room is going to look absolutely amazing..Everything is so pretty and goes so well together…I cant wait to see the finished product! ❤

    1. I have been crazy busy buying online, haha. Going to any store in Houston is literally an all day event. Traffic nightmare. I’d much rather shop online. 🙂 Thanks for all your nice comments girl. xoxo

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