And Her Name Is…

Josephine Rose Sock

Josephine Rose Sock

Nickname: Josie, JoJo, Joey

Middle name from Bobby’s sister Jennifer.  This was the easy part.  We knew the middle name long before we even got pregnant.

Why Josephine?  Why Rose?

When I first found out we were expecting I was in Michigan staying with my mom. Immediately after I took the first pregnancy test I said to myself “oh my gosh, what will we name her?”


I said her.

I felt it was a “her”.

I knew it was a “her”.

And I knew I loved the name Josephine.

But I feared my husband wouldn’t be so keen on the name so I waited a few days to tell him. I remember finally telling him but feared he wouldn’t agree. I specifically remember exactly where I was when I told him too. Peeing, of course. Duh, it was the first trimester-I lived on the toilet. Sorry, TMI, I know.

He did not immediately say “no”, but he was uneasy about it at first. He was used to the more traditional, common names.

I liked old fashioned, classic, beautiful names with meaning. I liked names that weren’t very common.

I wanted our baby to be the one and only in the classroom. Not the 4th Emma or the 3rd Isabella.

For months afterwards I would hear this name everywhere. In movies, in emails, in stories and blogs. Even on the floor I work on there is a Josephine and a Josie that are PCA’s. This still did not stop me from absolutely loving the name.  So with much thought and anxiety about a name, Bobby and I have really both learned to love the name. No matter how many suggestions, we always end up right back at Josephine.  He said he really liked the name Josie. And I love Josephine, Josie and Jojo.

So there you have it…she’s finally got a name.

Baby Girl Sock is officially Josephine Rose Sock.

The meaning of the name Josephine is: God Will Increase.

The origin of the name Josephine is French/Hebrew.

14 thoughts on “And Her Name Is…

  1. Beautiful name and I also love the nicknames 🙂 So exciting! I had a laugh that you told your husband the name while peeing…I have seemed to have all the important conversations with my husband while I’m in the bath and then he has to come and sit on the toilet so we can chat 🙂

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