Second Trimester Recap

Second Trimester Recap

Most Exciting Moment…

1.)  Finding out that Baby Sock is a GIRL.

2.)  Surprising my mom, sister and Jennifer with gender reveal gifts.

3.)  Deciding on a name for Baby Girl Sock: Josephine Rose Sock.

4.)  Picking out furniture for her nursery.

5.)  Making artwork for her nursery.

6.)  Having my brother here for Christmas.

Most Challenging Moment…

1.)  Working on my feet 14 hours a day as this pregnancy is progressing.

2.)  Bobby being away so often.

3.)  Trying not to sleep on my back. Ugh! My body won’t stop rolling over onto it.

4.)  The early contractions I felt at work and had to take a week off to rest.

One Thing I’m Proud Of…

1.)  Being able to work as a nurse at a hospital doing 14-hour shifts while pregnant.

2.)  I’m also proud of my hard working husband for helping me put together the nursery and for working so hard when away from home.

3.)  I’m proud of myself for finding the awesome deals I did on most of the things I bought for her nursery.

4.)  Eating good.

5.)  Taking my vitamins.

6.)  Two-year wedding anniversary to my soul mate.

One Thing I Wish Were Different…

This is actually the same as my First Trimester Recap: The acne.

Favorite Food…

I think yogurt wins. I eat so much of it.

Least Favorite Food…

Anything that needs to be microwaved from the freezer, yuck!

My Physical State Included…

It’s pretty easy for me to move around. I got my energy back after the First Trimester. However, I sleep like crap and that has been steady. My skin is very, very itchy and dry. My back hurts often. My legs get swollen depending on what I eat and if I work long shifts at work. I am just progressively feeling more and more tired like I did in the First Trimester. Nonetheless, I love being pregnant and cannot wait to do it again.

Symptoms I [Thankfully] Didn’t Have…

Continuous vomiting, stretch marks (although they could still come), fatigue, high blood pressure, headaches, emotional outbursts, anxiety and the mask of pregnancy.

One Thing That Surprised Me…

How much energy I got back once the First Trimester was gone and I entered into the Second Trimester. How I didn’t swell up like a big fat fatty like I thought I would. I just literally look like I swallowed a bowling ball and carrying a little bit of extra fluid in my arms and legs.

Looking Forward To…

Going home to Michigan for a baby shower, seeing all my friends and family. And of course meeting, holding, kissing, smelling, hugging and loving our beautiful little baby girl. Also, I cannot wait to take time off work. I am ready for a break.

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