What To Pack In The Hospital Bag?

Not only do I feel like she is ahead of schedule by how incredibly large my tummy is getting (there’s no where else for her to go but outward) and the fact that she was 4 days ahead in growth the last ultrasound, but I just really feel like she may come early. Just a momma’s gut telling her so, I guess. Therefore, I am going through that freak out stage. That stage where the little bits and pieces aren’t done yet and I am not happy about it. I am at least trying my best to get it all in order to relieve some of this anxiety.  So right now my focus is on packing that hospital bag and getting it ready to just be picked up and put in the car just in case Josie decides to come anytime between now and her due date.

So with that being said, what did you put in your hospital bag? What would you recommend? The obvious things are easy. But is there anything you didn’t have that you wish you did? Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “What To Pack In The Hospital Bag?

  1. I can email you the list my antenatal classes lady gave us if you like? It might not be the “ultimate” list but might help get you started. x

    1. Oh that would be great! stacy.sock@gmail.com
      My sister in law texted me a list but I think I may have deleted it. I delete texts after awhile because they fill up my phone but having it on here or in an email I can always go back to it when I’m adding things. Thanks Carolyn 🙂

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