35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant 2

How far along: 35 weeks.

How big is baby: She is 6 lbs. according to the ultrasound this week.

Total weight gain: 33 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. This is another dress in this photo. Don’t judge. But you can laugh, because I am. I’m running out of clothes.

Sleep: Still have leg pain, hip pain, back pain. And getting up peeing about 10 or more times a night. Plus she is slipping farther into my pelvis and it freaking hurts! It literally feels like she is clawing her way out. It’s very uncomfortable. It makes me moan all night long (poor Bobby) and stops me in my tracks when I’m walking around doing my day-to-day activities. This is rough.

Best moment of the week: A lot! 1.) Bobby bought tickets for us to go see REO and Chicago in August (yes, we still have yet to find a babysitter). We are HUGE fans. 2.) We had the last ultrasound, the last of blood work being drawn and last every two week appointment. 3.) I’m dilated 1-2 cm’s already. 4.) We made three large pans of my favorite veggie lasagna to freeze for easy lunch and dinners for me when Josie’s here. 5.) We checked a lot off our to do list such as Bobby’s physical/blood work and immunizations, the cats were taken to their physicals/immunizations and I had my appointment. 6.) We put the car seat in the car and the chest was delivered from Pottery Barn Kids for Josie’s room (we are seriously done with her nursery now). 7.) We did our maternity photos (blog post about that tomorrow). I can’t wait to show you guys the awesome photos we took! 8.) Hubby bought me a beautiful necklace that says Josie’s name. I’ll post that later on when it is ready for pickup. It is handmade and I am totally in love with it. I made one for my mom as well and she loved it. 9.) I chopped my hair off…I got a post pregnancy mom cut. How ya’ll like it?

Food Cravings:  Oranges, apples and chocolate ice cream.

Food Aversions: Anything greasy or microwaved or fatty.

Symptoms:  Sleep is terrible, acne is getting much better (although I have quite a good amount of scaring), back aches, leg pain, blurry eyes, dry eyes, heel pain, and peeing a lot, and what feels like a baby Josie trying to claw her way out of me.

Mood: Excited! So excited to have Josie.

Movement: Lots of long kicks and punches, hiccups, rib kicks and clawing at my cervix.

What I’m looking forward to:  Next weeks appointment to see if I have progressed any farther and of course meeting Josie!

What I miss: Sleep! Legs that didn’t swell. Exercise. And going out to have a drink and listen to piano music with my hubby. We are looking forward to a night out together in the future.

4 thoughts on “35 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I am 4 weeks behind you – and your belly shots are staring to scare me a little! Haha you look amazing, but I cannot believe how much that belly is still growing.

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