35 Weeks and 2 Days-UPDATE!

Big milestones today guys! We are happy and ecstatic to report some news.

I had my very last “every two week appointment” today with my OBGYN.

I will now be seeing her every week until Josie’s birth.

We also had the last ultrasound of this pregnancy to check Josie’s growth. We are happy to report that our little bundle is already an active, moving, kicking and punching 6 pound cutie! And still putting on those pounds up until the day she welcomes us.

Today I also had the first vaginal exam/cervix check as well as the last of the blood work and testing for GBS.

Wow! I feel so overwhelmed with excitement and joy that we’ve made it this far. How can I even express all this joy?

But the most exciting news? I’m dilated 1-2 cm’s already! Holy smokes! I am so excited. We are so excited. My doctor is so excited!

And boy, did my doctor express her excitement for us.  As she had her fingers in the birth canal feeling for my cervix, she literally jumped for joy as her voice was filled with anticipation and said, “Oh my Stacy, oh my gosh, you’re 1-2 cm’s already! This is great news!”

I reminded her that my mom was late with my sister (her first child), could have been late with me (doesn’t remember), and was late with my brother (he was a 10 pound baby). I also mentioned to her my fear of a tear and how I may follow my mom’s footsteps and be late as well.

Afterwards, Bobby and I just sat there in amazement thinking and discussing about how these 35 weeks have flown by so quickly. And how blessed we are to be parents (soon). We hugged each other tight as we were waiting for the elevator as I said, “I can’t wait to do it again!” He just nodded his head and said, “me too!” with a great big smile on his face. We are so ready to be parents and the tears of joy today cannot even begin to express how grateful I feel.

We can’t wait to meet our daughter.

12 thoughts on “35 Weeks and 2 Days-UPDATE!

  1. I have my appt today and they will be checking for dilation and progression as well . I have chosen no induction and will wait till she is ready to come into the world . How was it when she was checking your cervix ?

    1. I didn’t choose induction either. It was a suggestion because of my mothers history. But obviously I would do more natural things before it came to that. This appointment is a “just in case” so I made sure my doctor is the one delivering my baby. It was fine when she checked it. A little uncomfortable as a PAP but since I’m having her all natural I’ve been working on techniques to calm me so it honestly wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be. I’ve learned to tell people to spare me of their birth story. People seem to feed off negativity and want to tell you how awful and painful it is rather than how beautiful the whole process is. So when people try to convince me otherwise it frustrates me and I’ve just learned to tell them I’m not interested in their horror stories. Plus, I’ve had my cervix manually dilated in the past and I remember that pain but it was nothing of the sort. Good luck! 🙂

      1. I think we have discussed this before but I as well am doing all natural so I hate the even hear the work ‘ pain ‘ . I agree with you about horror stories and people’s perception of birth. I am actually excited about the process ( lol ) . Thanks . Hope you continue feeling well

      2. Well I have faith in you that you can do it…that we can do it. While most people say “oh, you won’t make it”. But positivity is key. We got this. Good luck 🙂 xoxo

  2. We r so elated for u both …im crying st my desk right now …extremly excited and happy for you all !!! U will be awesome parents !! Xoxo love u totne moon and back !

  3. Oh this is fabulous! We will be about 2 weeks apart unless Josie decides to come early! I haven’t been checked yet, but would be so thrilled by your dilation!

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