1 Month

Because our daughter is just so cute, I couldn’t just pick one. So here are a few of her 1 month photos.

She’s growing! And time is flying by way too fast. It really is true when they tell you that this time flies by so, so fast. It is sad but exciting all at the same time watching her grow and change every single day.


  • Lost her umbilical cord stump on April 30th.
  • Making much more eye contact (hence the crossed eyes).
  • Smiling a lot more when we come close to her face.
  • Laughs a few times in her sleep.
  • Wants more of Mommy and Mommy’s shoulder to curl up into.
  • Officially causes my milk to “letdown” like the books say.
  • Gaining better head control.
  • Does not like Tummy Time.
  • Sleeps about 4 hours at night (sometimes).
  • Graduated from Newborn diapers and into to Size 1.

Josie 1 Month Pink Onesie 2-1

1 Month Old Josie-1Month

1 Month Old Josie -tile1 Month Old Josie -tile3Naked Josie-vert Josie 1 Month

11 thoughts on “1 Month

      1. I cant wait either!! Me and Mom are going to be fighting over her!!..lol!!! 22 days 🙂

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