8 Months Old

8 Month Photo Sticker 2

This little beauty is 8 months old and in a new house!

We’ve moved! Back home! To Michigan ya’ll. Yes, I just said ya’ll. It’s a little piece of Texas I brought back with me. We are happy to be home. So happy, in fact. There’s nothing like family and having Josie meet and know all of her family was so very important to us. It was a lot of work moving across the country with a packed truck carrying a packed trailer and a 26 foot packed moving truck towing a packed vehicle but we managed for the third time in 4 years. I hope we don’t move very far again anytime soon. We move just about every year and I’m getting very tired of it. This time, we have much more stuff. Many more rooms and even another little person to think about. It was a lot of work.


Josie is growing so fast! I wish I could say she was crawling already (which a lot of little ones her age are doing already) but she’s not. And I’m also sure once she starts to crawl, I’ll quickly take back the wish of her crawling.

She started sucking her thumb. I wish I could say that it keeps her asleep at night but my sleeping-through-the-nighter has decided to no longer sleep through the night. Since the middle of her 7 months she decided she wanted to scream bloody murder in the middle of the night until we feed her and change her. But that slowly, over the coming weeks, led to several (say-every hour to two hour) wakings with demanding feeding and changing involved. Needless to say, with our new kitchen being on the bottom floor, we’ve moved little peanut in the bed with us after the first night waking. Don’t worry, we’ve got a very roomy king bed that sits very low to the floor. Daddy and I protect her from rolling as well as get kicked several times a night. But I won’t lie and neither will he, we love her between us. It’s just a feeling of safety and love I can’t explain until  you have your own child and have them sleep with you as well. Plus, it eliminates me from looking at her baby monitor 100 billion times in the middle of the night to either check on her or the temperature of her room to make sure it isn’t too cold or too warm.

She’s still scooting and pushing herself backwards. She love to stay on the floor and play. It’s nice that we can do that here in this house because we’ve got carpet now. No more hard wood floors (thank God!).

She is talking. A lot. A lot of babble. Mostly everyone that meets her-family, friends and strangers often say “she’s going to be quite the talker when she can actually say words.” Oh boy. She’s going to keep us on our toes, that’s for sure.

She does this new thing with her mouth. She sucks on her bottom lip, her top lip and then moves her tongue in and around to feel her teeth all the time. She sticks out her tongue when she is very happy and when you say hi to her. I feel like that is her “hello”. And when you point a camera on her (which she knows is a camera) she gives that little tongue all.the.time.

With all the rapid changes over the past month in our lives between us moving and our career changes, I haven’t been on top of the “many changes” that Josie has been through over the past month. I can say that she is becoming smarter and more alert. She is so sweet and full of so much love. As I say at the beginning of every new milestone and new month, I can’t wait for the next.

We took Christmas photos, stay tuned for those very soon.

Oh and pictures of our new home, I’ll post them soon as well.

Update on baby #2: We’re still trying!

DSC_8622 DSC_8620 DSC_8618 DSC_8613 DSC_8617 DSC_8612 DSC_8604 DSC_8587 DSC_8590 DSC_8598 DSC_8600 DSC_8582 DSC_8575 DSC_8573 DSC_8570 DSC_8569 DSC_8568 DSC_8566 DSC_8563 DSC_8561 DSC_8560 DSC_8558 DSC_8555 DSC_8554 DSC_8553 DSC_8550 DSC_8546 DSC_8540 DSC_8537 DSC_8536 DSC_8532 DSC_8530 DSC_8520 DSC_8519 DSC_8517 DSC_8513 DSC_8510 DSC_8508 DSC_8507 DSC_8506 DSC_8505 DSC_8503

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