Hyde Park Village Pumpkin Patch

There aren’t many “Pumpkin Patches” in Florida. Or at least in the Tampa Bay area. Which is totally understandable. This is a place for sand and beaches not fall leaves and harvest. However, there were a few places that had events such as face painting, corn mazes, a corn “sandbox”, a train ride and a small pumpkin patch but they were quite a distance away and given that both Josie and I were “getting over colds”, we decided to play it safe and stay close to home. Rather, we headed to Hyde Park Village in downtown Tampa, where they had a small “Pumpkin Patch” where you could snap some photos and even pick out a few pumpkins, big and small, if you’d like. It was nice. It was perfect. It was exactly what we were looking for. Especially since Josie really doesn’t know any better (next year will be different), we were more so looking to snap some good shots of her touching the pumpkins and exploring on her own. Which we did and we had a good time. It was a nice day. Breezy, clear skies and warm in the sun, that’s for sure. But I’m not complaining. We do, occasionally, miss the North Autumn leaves and breeze but we both know we were not happy there even though Fall was both our favorite seasons.image

Thinking of you, Miss Julia Kielar…this was the place in college, wasn’t it? Made me think of you and miss you terribly. imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage20151017_180103_D90_2249 20151017_175919_D90_2245 20151017_134033_D90_2244 20151017_133818_D90_2240 20151017_133448_D90_2237 20151017_133438_D90_2234 20151017_133424_D90_2229 20151017_133422_D90_2228 20151017_133403_D90_2227 20151017_133257_D90_2223 20151017_133221_D90_2215 20151017_133207_D90_2212 20151017_132037_D90_2211 20151017_131938_D90_2209 20151017_131923_D90_2203 20151017_131854_D90_2200 20151017_131830_D90_2195 20151017_131757_D90_2184 20151017_131744_D90_2183 20151017_131726_D90_2180 20151017_131710_D90_2178 20151017_131616_D90_2171 20151017_131556_D90_2164 20151017_131536_D90_2161 20151017_131512_D90_2157 20151017_131508_D90_2153 20151017_131409_D90_2142 20151017_131353_D90_2141 20151017_131203_D90_2122 20151017_131140_D90_2119 20151017_131101_D90_2115 20151017_131031_D90_2112 20151017_131006_D90_2110 20151017_130954_D90_2106 20151017_130911_D90_2102 20151017_130841_D90_2100 20151017_130834_D90_2097 20151017_130803_D90_2095 20151017_130730_D90_2092 20151017_130654_D90_2090 20151017_130253_D90_2087 20151017_130154_D90_2079 20151017_130150_D90_2078 20151017_130036_D90_2064 20151017_130023_D90_2063 20151017_125942_D90_2061 20151017_125835_D90_2060 20151017_125707_D90_2051 20151017_125551_D90_2050 20151017_125326_D90_2043 20151017_125207_D90_2040 20151017_125152_D90_2039 20151017_125052_D90_2038

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