5 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  5 weeks (I think)

Size of baby: Is it sad that I’m not on top of this like I was last time? I think it’s just so soon. And I’m just so scared. Scared really isn’t the word. I’m terrified. After having three miscarriages, how can I not. So please, please, please don’t tell me to relax. Because I’m quite sure that you don’t understand if you continue to tell me to calm down.

Weight gain: Well I bounced from 106 to 110 to 113 to 111lbs. I have been trying for MONTHS to gain weight in the healthiest and not so healthiest way possible. My PCP told me my BMI was too low and that I really needed to try to gain some weight. I didn’t think I was THAT bad but when I look back at photos I sort of think I look skeletal. Gross.

Stretch marks: I never had one with Josie…but that doesn’t mean that this one won’t bring some. I have a feeling it will happen. But like I said above, I’m willing to take on anything this baby has to give me.

Gender: I feel like it’s a boy. I think because this pregnancy just feels so different than Josie. Or a mothers instincts? Who knows.

Nursery: Not paying any thought to that or any time into planning that just yet. No way! I’m so early and it’s so soon and anything can happen.

Maternity clothes: I’m expanding, I can tell you that. And a lot sooner than I did with Josie. But I’m not complaining. I will take anything this blessing throws at me.

Sleep: Well, since I never sleep well as it is, it’s pretty much unchanged at this point. Except that I’m no longer taking my small dose of Xanex before I go to bed at night because obviously it’s not safe for the baby.

Best moment the week: Finding out my HCG went from 1097 to 1917 in just two days and then scheduling the first ultrasound for next Tuesday. I’m praying all is well and we hear a heartbeat!

Food cravings: Pudding, Reese Pieces, soda and Mexican food. But that sounds like me just simply PMSing.

Food aversions:  Josie’ quinoa burger made me want to barf! It smelled like a deed fried circus. Yuck! Oh and my non-fat yogurts sound terrible (when I normally eat like 4-6 a day).

Symptoms: Wow. Well…yes. It started off very tired but that was short lived. Then the acne on my jawline, chest and neck (very strange). As the weeks have gone on (I found out I was pregnant when I was 3 weeks) I’ve noticed oily hair, lots of cramping and tugging on my ligaments down there. At one point my breasts felt “fuller” but now they feel normal again. But I am definitely lactating again like I did with the miscarriages. My HR increased and I can barely handle a cup of coffee in the morning. I know what you’re thinking: “you’re not supposed to drink coffee when you’re pregnant…” Well, I drink a LOT of coffee. And I mean a lot! Like an entire pot in the morning before work, a Venti from Starbucks (with 3 shots of espresso) on my way into work and then at least two Starbucks throughout the day at work. I work 14 hour shifts on my feet. I always need a “pick me up”. So not only do I suffer migraines as it is but if I give up cold turkey, I may get such a bad migraine that I’ll end up hugging the toilet seat. Besides, one cup won’t hurt. I can’t put myself through withdrawals. Caffeine is a drug. And I’m addicted. Anyway, I’m also short of breath very easily. I really don’t remember this with Josie. I do remember feeling that when I felt like I was carrying 55lbs of baby inside me though. Oh wait, I was. Yikes. My skin has also been super itchy. Luckily I found a safe body lotion to use. It is coconut scented and I pray I don’t have an aversion to it because it’s really helping my skin. My biggest complaint: I’m bloated! I wake up flat tummy and by the end of the night I look 6 months pregnant. There is a lot going on in there. And with the help of my celiac disease, I’m looking sort of rough. But I don’t care. I really don’t. I’m not trying to look glamourous. Not at all. I just want this wonderful, beautiful baby to make it’s comfy little home in there and do whatever it is he/she needs to do. I am peeing a lot but not as much as I remember with Josie. I feel like I am peeing just as much as I do daily because I drink a ton of water on a day to day basis. I had a tiny bit of nausea yesterday morning and had to eat a few crackers before getting out of bed. That’s it for now. I’m super excited to see what the coming weeks will bring.

Mood: I’m starting to think I have anger issues…but I’m quite sure it’s just the hormones.

Movement: Just lots of pulling and cramping and tugging down there. I feel he/she making their home.

What I’m looking forward To: Honestly, moving back to Texas so Bobby will hopefully be home with us permanently, the ultrasound (as I mentioned above), my mom coming to visit, and being able to finally tell everyone that we’re expecting!

What I miss: Starbucks flat whites.

DSC_3074 DSC_3072 DSC_3065

5 Weeks

One thought on “5 Weeks Pregnant

  1. What a beautiful journey with a beautiful family !! You and Bobby are blessed again with a new little addition to your Sock family !! ..may all your dreams come true Stacy ..you and Bobby have worked so hard for all that you have and where your hearts are taking you !! Make your dance the best ever ❤️😘 We love you all 😍

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