6 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  6 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a sweet pea.

Weight gain: 113lbs. I gain and lose daily. I wake up feeling skinny and by the end of the day I feel like a blimp.

Stretch marks: None yet.

Gender: I still feel like it’s a boy because this pregnancy is so different but according to the Ramzi Theory people are saying “girl”.

Nursery: No ideas and won’t think about it until I find out the gender.

Maternity clothes: Nothing yet but I think I may need some new shorts because I can’t fit into mine anymore. They were very small to begin with.

Sleep: Ehh, it’s still hit or miss. I always feel exhausted. A 22 month old toddler keeps me busy.

Best moment the week: Seeing our little peanut and hearing the heartbeat on the ultrasound. It was amazing to see that heartbeat pounding away.

Food cravings: Green beans (so strange).

Food aversions:  I didn’t really notice anything this week.

Symptoms: Heartburn is pretty bad at night. It feels like there is a knife scratching me in my pelvis area but I know it’s just my uterus expanding. My chin and neck is breaking out pretty bad. I have a terrible memory. My boobs are getting bigger and fuller; my hips are widening. I am very, very bloated. And by the end of the day I feel like I’ve ran a marathon. I burp a lot (which is gross) and I’m starting to get bouts of nausea throughout the day. I hope it doesn’t hit me full blast like it did with Josie. Oh, and my heart has moments where it feels like is racing and I start to shake.

Mood: With Josie I was so calm. This week I’ve had moments of anger and frustration.

Movement: Knife-like cramping and uterus expanding.

What I’m looking forward To: Two more weeks and I can see little peanut again.

What I miss: Starbucks and feeling skinny.

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6 Weeks

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