New Roots

Since moving here I’ve been incredibly blessed to find certain groups, certain women (whom I’ve only connected with online via facebook, etc.) who have reached out to me. Who go out of their way to ask me how I’m doing (almost daily). They text message me, email me or offer to come bring me dinner/meals, etc. I found a few good neighbors (so far) close by, who tend to always reach out to me as well. I am very grateful. I knew moving here (from Florida), that I’d find people like that here. Especially since I was an RN in 3 different states and I was able to see the difference in support systems, difference in people and difference in how people treat you, especially. I knew coming here I’d find good people. I found an AMAZING doctor. The entire office is so unbelievably supportive. They call me to check on me, they answer my calls and talk to me like a friend. I’ve even put together a “Mom group” for our subdivision that has about 150 women so far. Although, I haven’t been able to actually get out yet to do much because of this pregnancy and bed rest, I hope to meet a lot of these mom’s and get our kids together to play together. With that being said, and all that I am going through, I just feel so blessed to have chose this as our home. I recently went out side to water our new trees and flowers and had no idea that fire ants would be out after all this rain we’ve been having. I immediately got attacked and bit all over my feet and that night I posted on our community facebook group looking for help/suggestions to help ease the itch and pain. Two women were willing to give me Young Living Essential Oils to try and came to my home with no hesitation and gave me entire bottles. I tried them and I FELL IN LOVE and I bought my very first kit today. Although it was only one oil (lavender) it seriously helped me relax and rest when my mind was racing. Not to mention it stopped the itch! What a miracle. I feel like THESE oils can help me “feel” holistically better. It’s not just needing medication or a release…there is so much more. I had another amazing mom reach out to me and suggest that I take this “New Roots” course at a local church (video below). After the tremendous support from the women who run the course and the mom who suggested it herself, I signed up. Never in my life have I ever done something like this. Never have I ever felt so encouraged by so many other women to speak up. I have never had the support that I have now…and these people are complete strangers. A lot of people that reached out are old friends from high school and friends who knew me when I was young. I can’t thank you all enough. Especially when I haven’t even heard from a lot of those who I thought were closest to me. In a time like this, no matter who you are, I cannot thank you enough for reaching out to me. For the suggestions and the never ending offers to help (even though I’m so bad at accepting it). I feel so so blessed to be here. I know that THIS is where we were meant to be and God put me here for a reason.

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