The Spirit of Christmas

I had just nodded off,

at a quarter past four,

when the Spirit of Christmas

stepped in through my door.

With a great show of sparkles,

he decked all my halls

in tinsel and twinkles

and bright, shining balls.

I was really quite fond of

the trimmings he’d brought.

“But there’s just something

missing this Christmas,” I thought.

“Bells! he said. “Jingle Bells!”

Bells right away! Bells on

a one-horse galloping sleigh!”

“A toy soldier band

dressed in matching red sashes!”

“Candy cane tongues

and marshmallow mustaches!”

“Everyone caroling songs of goodwill.”

“So merry that even the tree can’t be still!”

I shook my head.

“You are really so kind.

But it’s just not exactly

what I had in mind.”

He spoke to me then

in a whisper of wings.

“There are gentle things

the season brings.”

“Snow that lies silent.

As quiet as a mouse.”

“And roads that all lead to your grandmother’s house.”

“Ten lords a-leaping as seven swans swim.”

“And of course, Santa Claus,

I’m just getting to him!”

I lifted my chin

and stared up at the ceiling.

I still wasn’t getting that

warm Christmas feeling.

That’s when the Spirit of Christmas smiled.

“Remember, this all began with a child.

Because it took nothing but love to begin it,

it’s not really Christmas if love isn’t in it.

Your tree may be large as the room will allow

with a big yellow star on the uppermost bough,

but of one thing I’m certain,

I’m sure of one thing.

It is love that makes the angels sing.”

And that’s when I got it

That’s when I knew!

The thing that was missing

from Christmas was you!

And so then, my darling, where ever you roam,

may you always be safe…may you always come home.

For as long as the world still spins and still hums,

wherever you are, and no matter what comes,

the best part of Christmas will always be…

you beneath my Christmas tree.


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