10 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  10 weeks.

Size of baby: The size of a kumquat.

Weight gain: 117 lbs, I think?

Stretch marks: Not yet but I feel huge!

Gender: Still not sure.

Nursery: After week 18 I’ll consider thinking about this.

Maternity clothes: I NEED new clothes.

Sleep: No complaints.

Best moment the week: My mom came to visit and Josie had an absolute blast. She certainly loves her “me me”. We miss her already… Oh yeah, Josie said “sorry” for the first time this week. She said it to my mom after she accidentally ran her foot over with her little shopping cart.

Food cravings: Strawberry ice cream. Fatty foods and nachos. I woke up one morning and made nachos for breakfast at 8am. Don’t judge.

Food aversions:  My stomach doesn’t do well with beef, pork or chicken. I think I’m going to stay away from these until further notice.

Symptoms: Lots of bloating. It’s VERY uncomfortable. Lots of belching and air in my stomach. I finally bought some GasX and that seems to help. Also eating about 4 Tums a day. My chin and neck are breaking out pretty badly. I expected this. I was started on a prescription cream called Finacea. I’ll see in a few weeks if it’s helping. I’m still doing progesterone suppositories every night so hopefully when that ends (Week 14), it will clear a little. My stomach constantly hurts whether I’m hungry or full. I can’t win. We attempted Disney but the walking was just too much for me right now. I think I’ll take my doctors order and “take it easy”.

Mood: Calm. Relaxed and grateful I had a few days with my mom.

Movement: Gas, bloating and still no luck with the doppler.

What I’m looking forward to: Bobby coming back home and it to stay warm out.

What I miss: Bobby and my family…

10 Weeks