Lovely Lavender: My Essential Oil Story

  When we first moved back to Texas I was excited to finally own our own house. I was excited to decorate, make it "ours" and call it a "home". I was excited to actually hang things on the wall and not be afraid of denting a wall (that we'd have to pay for in … Continue reading Lovely Lavender: My Essential Oil Story

Juliette: 2 Months Old

Whoa! Where has the time gone? Being a stay at home mom is rough, ya'll. I remember in my juvenile days saying "I hope to be a SAHM one day." YIKES! What was I thinking? I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but this job is tough! It's┬ánot easy. Every day is go, go, … Continue reading Juliette: 2 Months Old