Juliette: 2 Months Old

Whoa! Where has the time gone? Being a stay at home mom is rough, ya'll. I remember in my juvenile days saying "I hope to be a SAHM one day." YIKES! What was I thinking? I love my kids, don't get me wrong, but this job is tough! It's┬ánot easy. Every day is go, go, … Continue reading Juliette: 2 Months Old

Juliette: 1 Month Old

*She was born jaundice but the day after being home from the hospital, we went to the pediatricians office and her levels were high but not high enough to worry. She just got it all out of her system by breastfeeding. She latched on beautifully and I pretty much kept her there for the first … Continue reading Juliette: 1 Month Old