30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

Ludovico Einaudi.  I discovered him in 2006, when I was falling head over heels in love (all over again) with my childhood sweetheart.  He has brought me so much peace on so many sleepless nights.  His work is beautiful.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do and always will.  

Today I am thankful for Music.

Music is my way out.  Music is my way of getting away.  Music is another life.  Sometimes music is all you need to get away to that world no knows about.

Because when I feel like this world will not give me a time out, I put on some Ludovico Einaudi and all is better in my little world.  My heart smiles.

There is music to fit every mood. But my choice always seems to be a little jazz or piano when I really need to relax (and I love playing it for BS). I appreciate real, beautiful calming music.  With emotion and depth.

Music is art.  And I love anything with an instrument.  I love watching people play the piano, trumpet, saxophone, and cello.  It literally sets my soul free and takes me to a place where peace comes in and stress goes out.

Isn’t it something, that one song can bring back a slew of memories?  Or how it can make your heart flutter or smile.  Or how quickly it can change a bad mood?

Bobby and I have so many songs that can do this to us.  Yet we refuse to listen to them (on a day to day basis) simply because we have so many great memories attached to them.  We never want to replace the “now” with what is reminded from “then”, when we hear that song.  That way, if we feel the desire to walk down memory lane (and get a blast of flutters and smiles), we put on our favorite songs and stare into each others eyes and smile at one another.  He grabs my hand and I just smile bigger.  We appreciate where we are, how far we have come and how much we love one another.  Our closeness is literally unbreakable.  Music reminds us of what happened on those days, where we were when we heard that song and how it changed us.  One song can hold so much emotion.  And listening to it is like falling in love all over again.  It can send chills down your spine.  And goose bumps all over your entire body.  We love listening to music.  Our songs.  Especially when we want to bring back our electrifying memories and reminisce.  Or like today, where I just need an exit from this world.  My escape from reality. I love that I have that.

“All it takes is 1 song to bring back 1,000 memories-Unknown”

One thought on “30 Days of Thanks: Day 5

  1. Stacy u look amazing … I’m so sorry it has taken me this long to check in with you ! I’m so sorry ! .. so glad that you like your job.! your beautiful smile says it all.. I’m so proud of you enduring all these wonderful changes while Bobby is away..:) u are so strong !! and Baby will be too! .. I have put your site on my favorites at work and on my IPAD .. so no excuses I will be checking in often ..I promise !! xoxo we love you girl ! please post often and with pics! u don’t even look PG ! 🙂 I’m not going to waste this time taking about JIM .. he really is a disappointment to us ! .. But you keep stress free and keep doing what your doing cause you just keep getting more beautiful each month ! : Our address is 340 Lenox South Lyon, MI 48178.. we need yours as well!! xoxox all our love always to all 3 of you !! xoxo Bonnie and Bobby !

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