30 Days Of Thanks: Day 6

Thankful for Mom 3

I woke up to this comment on one of my photos on Instagram:

“You are so beautiful, I cry every time I see you. Xoxo” (this was from my mother)

Do you know how good it feels to wake up to a comment like that?  I miss her so much.  Although she’s all the way in Michigan (with the rest of my family), I know she is always thinking of me, wishing the best for me and just a phone call away when I need to vent.

So today, (and everyday) I am thankful for my mother.  My best friend.  My other half.  The woman that raised me.  The Dad I never had.  And the woman that got me through the toughest of times.  She has never judged me, has always had faith in me, stuck by me and believed in me in times where I was less than tolerable.  She supports my decisions and has an enormous forgiving selfless heart.  She is always thinking about everyone else before she even thinks about herself.  If she manages to make a few extra bucks, she’s always willing and wanting to spend it on others.

Thankful for Mom 1

We were like the three amigos, desperately making ends meet, in a small trailer in Belleville-her, my sister and I.  But I can promise you that we had such a great time doing it.  We have countless memories, stories and laughs that still make our stomachs hurt when we reminisce about them.  Nothing will ever replace those times.  My mom did everything she could to provide the best for my sister and I with the little bit she had.  And it took growing up, and getting out on my own to truly appreciate all she’s done both financially and emotionally.

So thank you mom.  Thank you for loving me for me.  Thank you for forgiving me in times where I was less than forgivable.  Thank you for putting up with my adolescent moodiness, my temper tantrums and my many phases of childhood drama.  Nothing I do will ever be able to thank you for the wonderful job you have done and continue to do as my mom.  And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that it means more than the world to me that you are happy, excited and looking forward to holding our baby and being a Grandma.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally and never, ever giving up on me.  And most of all, thank you for being the absolute best friend a daughter could ask for.  I love you mom.

Thankful for Mom 4

10 thoughts on “30 Days Of Thanks: Day 6

  1. I did my best and have been nothing but proud of you girls. We were left with nothing but had everything together. You are my best friend and closest confident. Along with your sister. Now your a wife and soon to be mother. And I meant it, I cry at every picture you post. I love you sissy, xoxo. Thank you so very much for making me a grandma to be. Watching you progress is a wonderful joy

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