30 Days of Thanks: Day 15

my truck

My truck. A Honda Pilot, black on black and as shiny as can be.

We bought this baby (literally) the day before BS was made.  I know it is TMI, but I honestly thought it was so funny how this happened.  We intended on purchasing this car for me because of the fact that we love to travel, camp and go places to explore.  It has the 4WD/Touring package, fully loaded with sun visors for BS in the backseat windows and a DVD/Blu-Ray Player.  We literally purchased this for those reasons and mostly because we had the intention of me being pregnant (soon).  Little did we know it would happen the day after we made this purchase.

We did a lot of research and wanted a safe, dependable, new vehicle for BS to travel in with momma.  Consumer Reports listed it as #1 in just about every feature and safety mechanism. We just couldn’t say no to the best car in its size on the market for the cost and what it had to offer.  I want nothing but the best for my little baby to ride in. And Bobby, of course, wanted nothing but the best for his wife to drive.  When he makes big purchases, he always makes sure that those purchases are the best of the best, no exceptions.  He’s great with money, that man, but I’ll tell you, he’s even better at swinging the deals, sweet talking those dealerships and getting exactly what he wants every single time no matter what we’re buying.  I love that about him.

I can’t tell you how much I love my truck.  I will never, ever buy another car.  This has pretty much everything I could ask for in a vehicle.  When I’m driving it, I always say, “man, I love my truck”.  So today is easy and simple. I just am thankful for my truck. I love Honda/Acura.

One thought on “30 Days of Thanks: Day 15

  1. Nothing but the best in luxury and safety for my grand baby and daughter. Your are going to be the hottest looking momma ever behind the wheel totting a car seat and baby. Woot woot. I will always trust Bobby’s judgement, he also is the best ever. Can’t wait to hug you both.

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