21 Weeks Pregnant

21 Weeks Pregnant 2

Note: I do not feel well this week.  So I had absolutely no desire to even take this photo.  It was a one time shot and I took it.  I’m not a fan of it but I tried to do a little more front view but still capture the belly.  

How far along: 21 Weeks.

How big is baby: About the size of a carrot.

Total weight gain: Exactly 20lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Sleep: Sleep is getting better.  I’ve learned to prop myself up, which helps A LOT.  But since Bobby has been gone, I am back to having nightmares again.  Kitty loves to keep me company though since she follows me everywhere I go in the house when he’s gone.  She’s my lil watch cat.

Best moment of the week:  Discovering I can hear BS’s heartbeat with my stethoscope!  I am obsessed.  In love.  Dreaming of holding this little love.  Also, getting some last minute gifts put together to go out and getting a few new baby items this week from our cyber Monday splurge.

Food Cravings:  I don’t have much of an appetite this week.  I’ve been sick and feeling completely off.  I have hives up and down my legs (of unknown origin) and a wonderful fabulous UTI.  I’ve been craving salads.

Food Aversions: Coffee this week.  I just cannot drink it. The thought makes my stomach queasy.

Symptoms:  The same.  Still stuffy (congested 24/7), acne really bad, swollen legs/ankles at times (when I work), and back pain (at night, in bed), stretching and pulling (constantly), pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome (the worst in the morning and at night) and a new annoying itchy rash/hives on my thighs. But it’s not PUPPS.

Mood: Always thankful, happy and overwhelmed.  A little lonely since my husband is gone.  But definitely been catching up on my rest.

Movement: I’m feeling tiny kicks, a lot more intense than last week’s movement. Still at times, it feels like blowing of bubbles in my tummy/pelvic area and sometimes higher up.  When I put my stethoscope on my belly to listen, BS kicks that area and you can actually see my stomach move and the stethoscope move up and down.  Pretty cool.  Amazing feeling.  I love love love it.

What I’m looking forward to:  The next ultrasound!  And Bobby coming back from the oil rig (again). Oh yeah, and my brother coming to visit for Christmas.  I can’t wait to squeeze his little being.

What I miss: My husband, my energy and sleeping with no interruptions.

7 thoughts on “21 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I’m so sorry that you don’t feel well! I’ve been fighting a head cold/headache/stomach upset myself this week and it is no fun! Although pregnancy is totally worth it, there have been a couple of nights that I could definitely have used some Nyquil. 🙂

    I haven’t actually seen my tummy move yet, but I have noticed more definite movement. Has your husband been able to feel yet? Mine hasn’t, though I’ve had him keep his hand on my belly several times just in case. My midwife said it will take a while before anyone other than the mother can feel the baby’s movement.

    Get better and cuddle with your cat! Good to hear from you 🙂

    1. Ahhhh, Lauren! I just saw that I didn’t respond.

      I hope you’re feeling better by now. I’m doing well now but still have that awful rash going on. I think it may be a heat rash. I don’t know.

      I’m so happy that you are feeling movement now and that your hubby has felt it too (your most recent blog post). How exciting! Bobby still hasn’t felt her. But I feel her moving and can see his hand moving but it’s like he has no feeling in his hand or something, haha. It’s so cool that we’re both having a girl. Now I just gotta find a name for my little Angel. xoxo

      1. I’ve been traveling and didn’t see your post and gender reveal until last night. Yay! Oh, I’m so excited. Somehow, it is just so fitting that we are both having girls. I couldn’t be more excited for you. Isn’t the ultrasound incredible? Since we went from about 9 weeks until 18 weeks without seeing her, I was amazed how much she “looks like a real baby.” We are both just week and a half or so from viability. I’m so amazed. Have a very Merry Christmas 🙂

        Cute photos and gender reveal, by the way! Love them 🙂

      2. I couldn’t wait to tell you or for you to read about it…because I knew a long time ago that it was a girl but I had to wait it out. haha

        Are you doing the 3D/4D? Or did your doctor just give you one picture? I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. This pregnancy is flying by, isn’t it? I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.;)

      3. Oh I am still just so excited! Yay for girls! We are not doing the 3d/4d, but we have gotten a couple of photos like that from the specialist’s office.

        I am loving this pregnancy and kind of am sad that it will be over soon. My husband isn’t though. He really wants to meet and hold her. Lol

        How are you doing on picking out a name? We knew our first daughter’s name for years, but I have no idea what we would be doing if it was a boy!

      4. I had a name picked out for years. But when I went to nursing school I met my best friend…Julia. So I find it difficult to name her Julia since that is my best friends name. But I still love it. For some reason, we’re stuck in the J’s. We will probably stick with something similar to Julia 😉

        I can’t wait to hold her and see her too…but at the same time I don’t want it to end either. 😉

  2. HI when I was pregnant with my first daughter I got a rash on my thighs also the doctor told me to take Pepcid and let me tell you it took all the itching symptom away. you might want to try it.

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