29 Weeks Pregnant

29 Weeks Pregnant 3

How far along: 29 Weeks.

How big is baby: About 3 lbs. and 17 inches long.

Total weight gain: 26+ lbs. total, I don’t really know the actual number this week.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, I’m starting to grow out of my maternity jeans. Uh oh.

Sleep: Awful! With my back aching like it is, I just cannot rest. I slept on the couch one night and my poor husband slept on the couch next to me so I wouldn’t be alone. He’s so sweet.

Best moment of the week:  BOBBY IS COMING WITH ME TO MICHIGAN! We are finished with her nursery with an exception of a few items from Etsy and waiting on the delivery of my glider. And Bobby received ranting and raving reviews of his hard work over in New Orleans and the oil rig he’s been working on. I am so proud of him! And I wouldn’t consider this a best moment of the week, but I officially went on maternity leave from work. I was having contractions again last week and my doctor wanted to put me on “light duty” or just stop all together. There really isn’t such thing as light duty as a nurse so I am forced to take leave. Which I know my body needs and baby needs. But you all know me. I can’t sit still. I can still move around just fine, I am not disabled, I just cannot be on my feet for 12-14 hours a day doing the stressful job of a nurse anymore because I just start having pains again. So, I must try to find something to keep myself busy until she arrives. I need to learn how to sew! Maybe I’ll pick up a new project or something, I don’t know.

Food Cravings:  Rice crispy treats, oranges, fruit…

Food Aversions: Nothing.

Symptoms:  My blood work came back normal for my Bile salts. Thank goodness. And my WBC’s are back to normal. The itchy rash is still here and there but I can say it’s better this week with not so much itching. My back is KILLING me.  This is probably the worst symptom because I can’t sleep, lie down or sit without it hurting. Tylenol works wonders but I hate taking medication. I’ve been using the heating pad, too, which oddly has been making me get a few minutes of sleep here and there. My legs are starting to get swollen quite quickly starting this week.

Mood: Blessed, thankful, excited.

Movement: She beats me up daily and I love it. She’s really low.

What I’m looking forward to:  Trip to Michigan and obviously meeting our little Angel. And seeing her again on the ultrasound next week.

What I miss: Warm weather.

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