Dear Josie: We Never Want To Forget…


That face.

And those toes!

The little noises you make when sleeping and dreaming.

The way you randomly make that sucking smack sound by your tongue hitting the roof of your mouth.

The way you only cry when you’re hungry, want to be fed or are just irritated because I’m changing your diaper.

The way your legs extend out when I change your diaper. You have such long legs!

The way you squirm and flail your limbs until you latch onto my breast successfully.

Your half smiles and grins just like daddy has.

The way you always open your little eyes to daddy’s voice, touch and kisses.

The way daddy always kisses your cheeks goodnight and tells you that he loves you.

The way you curl up like a frog when I put you over my shoulder. And how you try to suck on my neck thinking it’s the breast.

Your adorable little feet and toes.

Your small hands and how they grasp my finger with such force. Did you know a baby’s grip is strong enough to support their own body weight? (It’s true. Look it up.).

I love your quivering lip when you’re in deep sleep and dreaming hard.

I love all that beautiful brown hair.

I love calling you sweet pea, sweetheart, beautiful, princess (which I never thought Iā€™d say), baby girl, Josie Rosie and poopy pants.

I love your big beautiful eyes. You get that from your daddy.

I love seeing your face first thing in the morning. And the quiet time with you at night. Because I know that this time and this phase, won’t last forever.

I love just staring at you, watching you and whispering in your ears that I love you to the moon and back.

I love that you’ve completely taken over our lives and hearts and that we will never be the same.


14 thoughts on “Dear Josie: We Never Want To Forget…

  1. this is so beautiful stacy …. xoxo she is quite the little princess !! xoxoox keep these coming feel like im right there with you ! …luv u all

  2. Absolutely bawling my eyes out..I can feel the love that you feel for Josie, and she couldn’t ask for two better parents..gene wise also! šŸ˜‰ Love her little faces she makes..the first photo is hilarious!

    1. Awww thanks Lauren. It has been hard to get on here but I had to post this stuff because I’ve been slacking and too tired to do it. I hope you’re doing well and loving your sweet beautiful girl as well. I absolutely LOVED your story and letter to her. Absolutely priceless and she will totally love it one day when she can reflect and read it. You have a very wonderful writing talent. I love reading all your words, they have so much emotion. It gets me crying every time, seriously. I hope you’re recovering well with no complications (unlike me, haha) xoxo šŸ™‚

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