12 Months Old and Officially a Toddler

Josie was the perfect name. We call her Jose, Josyl, Toots, Tootie, Patootie, Patoots. Josie just fits her. And cutie “Patootie” is what Daddy nicknamed her. Everyday that I look at her I can’t help but tell her how beautiful she is. I tell her I love her every single time I pick her up. … Continue reading 12 Months Old and Officially a Toddler

9 Months Old

This is a late update, as we’ve been so busy around here. But it’s a long one. Bobby has been going to Texas, for work, several weeks at a time, which has been difficult for us. But that’s what we signed up for when we made the decision to move to Michigan (to be closer … Continue reading 9 Months Old