Happy Second Birthday Josie Girl!

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Just days after she got out of the ICU from her anaphylactic reaction to peanuts, tree nuts and dates (I promise to post on this another day, I swear!), we celebrated her second birthday together. She dug into an allergy friendly, dry, horrible tasting cake from Whole Foods that probably cost more than I should have paid for it. But she loved it. More so the frosting. Needless to say it went in the garbage after she had her way with it. I couldn’t eat it because it contained gluten and Bobby had no desire. And Josie…well, a few bites was enough for her.

She loved her baby doll, stroller and pack n play that we bought her for her birthday. I knew she would. Her Auntie Rachel bought her a Duplo Lego set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse and at first she didn’t really play with it, but now she plays it it every single day. She takes Mickey and Minnie everywhere around the house with her. She has this new obsession for Mickey and Minnie lately. It’s adorable.

I hate that I’m so late on this post. Again, it was a “draft” I made but never got around to writing and posting it. Being pregnant has exhausted me. I find time to sit down when she goes down for a nap and then I realize I want to nap instead. So this blog goes on the back burner.

These photos are from her 2nd. Birthday. We had attempted to take her to the park and get photos of her holding a T, W and an O but she wanted nothing to do with it. And I didn’t have it in me to force it, so we gave up. A few weeks later we decided to buy bikes because we loved the park so much. We went bike riding one time. It’s so hard to get away. Especially when Bobby is gone 50% of the time and I’m pregnant (and have been on pelvic rest for so long). And I’m getting bigger by the days and feeling extremely exhausted physically and mentally. I’ve been trying to potty train her and I’ve had success on the toilet several times. But I gave up. Not because it’s hard but because I’m just so tired. I hope to get her trained by the time we get settled in the new house. She’s ready, but it’s my fault I’m not trying harder. Maybe that makes me a bad mommy?

Happy Second Birthday Josie Baby. We love you to the moon and back.

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