Ohhhh Josie…

Life can be so busy. And times flies by so fast. Before I know it, it’s months after her 2nd birthday and I have yet to publish these photos that I had already made a “draft” post for. I guess I forgot to post it. I’m trying to update this blog and keep it constant. Bobby had told me a few days ago that it means a lot to him that I do this blog. That I capture moments and publish photos to look back on. He said he has a hard time looking back because it makes him sad, because times just goes by way too fast and it slips between our fingers and before we know it we are starting another new year. So since it matters to him, it matters to me to keep up with it. So here are some photos of Josie from quite a few months ago (April 2016 and earlier). She’s so beautiful and such a joy to our lives. We love you Josie Rose.


20160226_144558_D71_3305 20160226_144918_D71_3308 20160226_144939_D71_3315 20160226_145025_D71_3322 20160227_122827_D71_3324 20160227_122902_D71_3328 20160227_122910_D71_3330 20160227_123113_D71_3332 20160227_123118_D71_3333 20160227_123127_D71_3336 20160317_153931_D71_3418 20160317_153939_D71_3419 20160317_154115_D71_3425 20160317_154208_D71_3427 20160317_154253_D71_3433 20160317_154258_D71_3434 20160317_154410_D71_3439 20160317_154422_D71_3440 20160317_154443_D71_3445 20160317_154519_D71_3452 20160317_193121_D71_3456 20160328_153430_D71_3823 20160328_153443_D71_3825 20160328_153446_D71_3826 20160328_153456_D71_3827 20160328_153611_D71_3837 20160328_153710_D71_3841 20160328_153756_D71_3850 20160328_153801_D71_3851 20160328_153802_D71_3852 20160328_153812_D71_3855 20160328_153822_D71_3857 20160328_153835_D71_3860

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