28 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  28 weeks. THIRD TRIMESTER! Woohoo! …andddddd I’m over it!

Size of baby: The size of a head of broccoli.

Weight: Not really sure, I haven’t found a doctors office here yet. I had an anxiety attack/mental breakdown because I cannot find one that will take me. I’m too far along and they mostly aren’t accepting new transfer patients. How does that even work? I mean, how is that even OKAY? So what am I supposed to do? Go to the random ER when I’m in labor and “hope” someone is there to deliver my baby. I’m a nurse, screw it, I’ll deliver my own damn baby. I hate HATE hate doctors! I LOVE my doctor in Sugarland that delivered Josie, however, she is about almost 2 hours away and I can’t be going there weekly then when I’m in labor. It’s too far from home when you have a toddler to care for as well.

Stretch marks: Not yet. I had the Linea Nigra with Josie but nothing yet with this one. I do notice a tiny bit of dark spots on my face that seem to get worse with sun exposure. I just steer clear of this horrible heat and I’m good.

Gender: GIRL!

Nursery: We moved into our new home last week, so things are still very, very  busy and crazy around here. I can’t wait to finally get it all together and share what her nursery will look like. It honestly may not even be done until after she welcomes us. There is just too much to do in a brand new house when you move.

Maternity clothes: I did go check out the Home Goods/Marshalls close to us. It was huge, busy and a complete disaster. I swear the store looked like it was going out of business. But luckily I found my favorite cheap tanks there still in a bunch of new colors they didn’t have in Florida. Win!

Sleep: Okay, completely OVER the air mattress. Our moving truck was delivered (thank GOD-but with things a little shifted and moved around in there), and our bed made it to our room. It may not be on the frame yet but I refused another night on that air mattress so Bobby set up the bed on the floor for me. It was a better night sleep but Juliette kicks so so hard and so often (I swear she doesn’t sleep, uh oh.) that it keeps me up. My legs have become restless and I feel like I’m going through a growth spurt this week because of the pain in my abdomen.

Best moment the week: Our moving truck showed up safe and we are busy unpacking. We had three men help move things inside and it took 3 hours! That is excellent compared to previous moves. They were awesome!

Food cravings: Salad but haven’t had the time to make one.

Food aversions:  Anything I ate in the beginning of the pregnancy.

Symptoms: Heartburn that comes and goes depending on how much I eat and when, I haven’t had much round ligament pain this week and the contractions have backed off and only seem to bother me when I have a full bladder. I feel huge, heavy and like I’m having a growth spurt. My legs have become restless and I started having swelling and pain in my feet (probably from moving and unpacking so much).

Mood: Happy and overwhelmed with all the “to do’s”.

Movement: Big kicks all the time. I feel like she’s going to push herself out of my belly button.

What I’m looking forward to: My mom’s visit next week!

What I miss: My body and being able to go go go non stop until bed. I just can’t anymore. My entire body aches.

DSC_4111-2 DSC_4106-2

How cute is she?



28 Weeks

2 thoughts on “28 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I love your blog so much 🙂 and the pictures are always just so adorable ! Just thought id mention, what you have is called melasma / chloasma (spots on the face.) It is caused by hormonal changes. It might indicate a small problem with hormonal balance. Staying out of the sun is really good…but if you want, just as an extra measure, you can also try drinking alkaline water every day. It balances your hormones. I took it during my pregnancy a few years ago and I had almost zero pregnancy issues (and I suffered a hormone imbalance before pregnancy..) Also, theres some really good home remedy masks to take care of any spots you do have, like lemon, honey, oatmeal, turmeric, ect. Im not gonna say to use the honey though because it will seep into your blood stream and that’s not very good for baby. But everything else sounds pretty good. anyway, just so excited for you. youre hair looks GREAT too!! =)

    1. Awww thank you. 🙂 Yes, I knew what it’s called I just didn’t explain it because as a nurse I know better than to use big words like that because my family is usually like “huh?” It’s related to the Linea Nigra that I had while I was pregnant with Josie. My hormones were so much more crazy then. So I almost expected it. But hey, it’s better than the awful painful cystic acne I had the last pregnancy. It’s normal for your hormones to be out of whack during a pregnancy. Your body is fighting the baby like a foreign object. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions and kind words. 🙂

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