Juliette: 1 Month Old

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*She was born jaundice but the day after being home from the hospital, we went to the pediatricians office and her levels were high but not high enough to worry. She just got it all out of her system by breastfeeding. She latched on beautifully and I pretty much kept her there for the first several days or so until I started to see her eyes turning white. She quickly gained weight, too. She did awesome at her 2 week appointment!

*Juliette latched on to my breast immediately. She had no issues what-so-ever. Josie always gnawed at my breast in the first few weeks and I remember that being painfully awful. Juliette was perfect.

*Not long after being 1 month old (by just a few days), she had a hard time breastfeeding. I’ve always produced a ton of milk…almost double of what Josie and Juliette would eat daily. So when either one of them latched on at this point, when my milk came in completely, it basically would drown them. They’d latch, I’d have a let-down and then they’d choke, cry, scream and be gassy. It was a vicious cycle that I had a hard time being patient with. It would upset me and then I’d cry, too. Milk was always everywhere. I was soaking breast pads within hours. This is exactly why I switched to pumping with Josie. And after my husband convinced me to switch to pumping with Juliette, I am now doing both. I am breastfeeding and pumping for now. Eventually, I will let go of breastfeeding and just go to exclusively breast pumping. After several nights of Juliette screaming full of gas from this, Bobby told me that he was not giving me a choice anymore. It was hard on him, too. That if she woke up crying to eat, then he was giving her a bottle since I already have a ton of frozen milk in the deep freezer. It was bothering him how much she was suffering and I was suffering. It was extremely frustrated and draining. I feel like I was drowning our baby girl. Now that I’ve switched to both pumping and breastfeeding (mostly before bedtime), things are better. But not great. I will get into that later. Ultimately, the important thing was that Juliette just gets the breast milk.

*Juliette doesn’t spit up like babies usually do. Neither did Josie. So far Juliette’s skin looks great. No skin issues like Josie did (eczema). But she does have baby acne on her chin and cheeks. Not a big deal because I know this will pass.

*After about 5 weeks old she was fitting into size 1 diapers.

*At 5 weeks old she slept the longest through the night for about 7 hours for several days straight.

*She prefers to sleep in the Rock n Play. I’m having a hard time transitioning her to being flat in the bassinet at night or the crib in our room.

*In the morning, around 3-4am when I decide to get up for the day, Juliette likes to sleep in the crib for several hours in the morning with the light on.


*Breastfeeding and pumping has been easier this time around. Much more controlled and I know what to expect. It hasn’t been an uncontrollable mess of milk like it was with Josie. My milk came in a few days after being home. Whereas, with Josie, my milk came in several hours after her birth, in the hospital.

*Juliette moves her head to follow anyone in front of her.

*She smiles at you if you move in close enough for her to see you.

*She doesn’t coo much, like Josie did at this age, but she makes noises and grunts a lot, especially when she has to poop.

*She does NOT like the swing yet.

*She is almost out of size newborn onesies.

*She has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. Her eyebrows are blonde. She is so different than Josie was. Josie was jet black hair and blue eyes. Josie had a TON of hair.

*Juliette has big feet. Much bigger when I compare Josie and Juliette’s foot prints from the hospital. It’s pretty neat to see the differences.

*As for who Juliette looks like? She looks like mom. She’s starting to look more and more like daddy as she’s getting bigger.

*Josie loves her sister. She wakes up each morning and runs to her and kisses her and says “good morning, baby sister!” It’s absolutely adorable. She’s gentle, she’s kind and she loves to hug and kiss her. It’s a beautiful thing!

*Juliette is VERY strong. I almost believe she’d be ready to walk way before Josie did.

*She has excellent head control from birth!

*Her arms and legs are so strong she barely lets me dress her.

*She always has her fists clenched except for when she’s in a deep, deep sleep.

*The first two weeks home, she would take up to 30 minutes to poop and lay there and grunt and groan until it happened. It was funny.

*She loves to lay on the couch and stare up at the ceiling fan.

*She always calms down when Josie comes close to her, talks to her and kisses her. Then Juliette will look up at Josie and smile and look as though she’s communicating with her. It’s so cool! I love that bond already.

One thought on “Juliette: 1 Month Old

  1. I don’t know if maybe you already tried this …but I produced a lot of breast milk too and what I would do so my baby wouldn’t choke is lay her on top of me as I layed on the bed so she was over my boob and drinking the milk at her own pace. I loved using that method. baby was happy and so was I =)

    Also the more you pump AND breastfeed the more milk you’ll produce since your body is being made to believe that someone is very hungry and eating “all the time”. Your body adapts and responds by letting the milk rivers flow lol. Its basically like “let no child go hungry!” and BAM milk is flowing through like a great river. Our milk is just a result of how much latching on and sucking to the breast/areola there is. the less sucking, the less milk is produced =)

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