Juliette’s 1st. Halloween

This Halloween we did several different things. First we took Josie to a few Pumpkin patches to pick pumpkins to carve and to paint.

We first took her to Faith United Methodist Church here in Spring where they had a nice pumpkin patch, crafts, booths where they were selling different things, bounce houses and a petting zoo. Josie only wanted a small white pumpkin here so that is all we bought and we left.

dsc_4643 dsc_4644 dsc_4645 dsc_4647 dsc_4652 dsc_4653 dsc_4654 dsc_4656 dsc_4667 dsc_4672 dsc_4678 dsc_4684 dsc_4686 dsc_4687

A few days later, we took her to the Farmer’s Market where they have big pumpkins out and allowed her to pick a few that we would carve before Halloween night.


She had a lot of fun with the exception of her getting bit on the eye that morning at Church. Whereas, it was only more irritated by the pollen at the pumpkin patch which led both her eyes to swell with hives and we had to give her benadryl before nap time. She woke with a still very swollen eye from the bite but eventually it went away. Poor girl. She really should live in a bubble with all her food and seasonal allergies.

Also, we took her to the community Halloween Party in our subdivision. It was a lot of fun. We didn’t get to meet a lot of people like we had hoped to because Josie had a massive meltdown and it ultimately caused us to leave a little earlier then we anticipated.

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